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Hello Fall printables for PL

When I am really busy and don’t have time to do proper sticky inky messy crafting I usually fall back on digital stuff.  I always have a stash of things that I make as they occur to me, ready to add when life gets crazy.  This is a set of Fall/Autumn printables that are similar is style to the Summer and Spring ones I did.  The difference is in the texture, mostly, a burlap effect rather than the plaster one.


You can download them here.

I also wanted to make them more versatile – rather than have them only work one direction, I thought these twisted words work (at least on some of them) portrait or landscape.


Rally, these two work best, IMHO


The Hello Fall one is the only one that really needs to be oriented as it shows.  By adding something like an arrow, for example, pointing to a photo, I think the CHILL and SWEATER ones would be acceptable rotated as well.

Back to sorting for me….hope you find them useful!