finally – 2016 Doily variation

NOTE: I added a 2015 version of the doily calendar that uses the SAME FONT as the 2016 version.  Find it here

I found that making the 2016 version of my doily calendar wasn’t all that bad – it turns out there are a number of months where one month from 2015 fits a 2016 month perfectly, without needing a single day added or deleted.  But I just can’t make myself just copy the exact format.  So the 2016 version shares some elements with the current one but the doily is WHITE on a coloured background and the font for the month name and date is different.  You can download it HERE.  (the two or three of you who are looking this far ahead – I’m betting there won’t be more than that, including the commenter who asked for it!)

I now must return to my decluttering – I am determined to finish!  Once I have I feel like I can scrap, as I now can actually find stuff that I know I have without wading thru stuff that should have been tossed in the bin years ago.  I have a bag full of UFO scrappy projects and I have a quilt that just needs the border sewn down, two crochet blankets that needs sorting before winter, and another quilt that I am holding off on till my MIL arrives because I need some advice on a particularly thorny issue.  Really, I feel like I need to just attack the UFOs like I have the house – start and just work my way around, one thing at a time till it’s done!

SO boring, but SO necessary…