2015 Doily Calendar – German


I had suggested  a German version of this a while back on a site that linked the English version but only saw that it was requested the other day.  I also have received a request for a 2016 version.  As  the biggest part of the work is in making the day blocks for the new year, the 2016 version will take a little longer, but simply changing the Month and Day words is quick, I have one request satisfied but not the other.  I’ll try to get to the 2016 version, and look at it that once I do have the day blocks sorted it’ll be that much easier NEXT year. But until I finish my massive de-cluttering and do my WOYWW visits from yesterday (now my floor is clear I can get to my desk and my keyboard and not have my office  needing a health and safety warning – as it is the pass-thru from the downstairs to the upstairs, getting it clear yesterday was pretty much a priority!) I can’t squeeze it in. Bear with me – I WILL get to it.  I don’t normally do calendars of the same design (except the circular CS ones) from year to year, but I suppose I can make an exception to help out a follower.

Anyway, here is the German version:


Download the PDF here – please, any German speakers, confirm that I have the day and month text correct and let me know if you like the font choice – always tricky.  Optima for the days and a “modern” Blackletter font for the words.

7 thoughts on “2015 Doily Calendar – German

  1. You are such a star, Mary Anne! Thank you so much for this German version of your lovely calendar. I will link to it on my blog and I know lots of my visitors will be excited to find your creations. ♥︎

    (I think the link to the pdf don’t work at the moment. Can you fix it? That would be wonderful.)


  2. Thank you so much for the German version
    Liebe Grüße

  3. You did the month names correct!
    Sehr schön!
    Thanks a lot for this! It’s very usefull for me because I’m simply too dumb to make a calendar of my own :o(
    Hugs from Kerry :o*

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