2015 Doily Calendar – German

I had suggested  a German version of this a while back on a site that linked the English version but only saw that it was requested the other day.  I also have received a request for a 2016 version.  As  the biggest part of the work is in making the day blocks for the new year, the 2016 version will take a little longer, but simply changing the Month and Day words is quick, I have one request satisfied but not the other.  I’ll try to get to the 2016 version, and look at it that once I do have the day blocks sorted it’ll be that much easier NEXT year. But until I finish my massive de-cluttering and do my WOYWW visits from yesterday (now my floor is clear I can get to my desk and my keyboard and not have my office  needing a health and safety warning – as it is the pass-thru from the downstairs to the upstairs, getting it clear yesterday was pretty much a priority!) I can’t squeeze it in. Bear with me – I WILL get to it.  I don’t normally do calendars of the same design (except the circular CS ones) from year to year, but I suppose I can make an exception to help out a follower.

Anyway, here is the German version:


Download the PDF here – please, any German speakers, confirm that I have the day and month text correct and let me know if you like the font choice – always tricky.  Optima for the days and a “modern” Blackletter font for the words.