Oh dear.  What a state my entire room is in for WOYWW.  I’ve been hard at it for a week and not close to being done.  Eek!

I decided rather than a superficial tidy up it had to be a proper sort out.  The thing is, it’s always worse before it’s better!


I’m working my way around the room, pulling out al l the bins and boxes and sorting literally every bit of scrapbooking stash.  Lovely to get re-aquainted with stuff I forgot I had, but the process is painful.


Along the way I’ve tackled some jobs that I have been meaning to do for ages, like consolidating my die collection. I found this handy binder, bought for DS at some point but now re-purposed for my use.


Ad using some bits of magnetic paper I got to this!


It takes up a whole lot less space than the old storage system.  I figure a couple more weeks and the whole house will be sorted. Really anxious to carry on but the recycling bin and the rubbish bin are pretty much full. The back of the car is stuffed to the gills full of goodies for the charity shop and I have a stack of stuff to sell off.  Very cathartic.  The only annoyance is there seems to be no place, or indeed time, to get crafty!  Still, crop this weekend so maybe I’ll manage SOMETHING…

Hope your crafty time is more productive.  Maybe desk hopping – and a little area of clear space – will give me the push I need.  Fingers crossed.




20 thoughts on “WOYWW 274

  1. I’ve been sorting through almost everything in our house while getting ready to move and I am loving it! It frees up space and the stuff will go to someone who will actually use it, so everyone is happy 🙂 Good luck on your sorting and cleaning!

  2. Oh WOW! Yay for you for digging in and getting it done! I’ve been sorting and cleaning my room a small section at a time. It’s not super bad but it’s just getting full and I need to rearrange things so that everything will fit!!

    Happy (late) WOYWW!
    Amy E. #4

  3. I LOVE having a good sort out! I find it very cathartic and am quite ruthless about what I keep or not. I could set up a Life Laundry but may be considered too severe…..just call me Miss Whiplash, lol!!
    Just imagine how lovely and spacious it’s going to feel afterwards 🙂
    Sorry I’m a bit late commenting…..
    Hugs, LLJ 24 xx

  4. Hello and hello,
    I look forward to each and every post you make and thank you again for sharing your tips, and mostly
    for the inspiration.

    Here is the tricky part, I hope you let me make a suggestion.
    If you have wall space, hang up all your embossing folders, thinletts and other dies.
    Out of sight is out of mind. I have hung all mine up and can see them at a glance. It is great when you are creating
    as it helps inspire and unclutter.

    I posted a photo here as a sample- in case you are interested:

    Happy thoughts,

  5. I know the feeling. I’ve been cleaning my room for several weeks now and it just ends up like this and worse…LOL

  6. looks like a productive desk

  7. Ouch it all sounds very painful, you need the crop by the sound of it I wish I could do the same….. My house has it’s own time zone.
    Enjoy the weekend
    Janet @18

  8. Well done – keep going and you’s soon get there. It is worth it in the end as you will then know what you have – and where it is! That storage idea looks perfect. Hugs, Chris # 29

  9. What a mammoth task it always is, clearing stuff up and thinning it out, but isn’t it such fun to be reacquainted with stuff you had forgotten you had.
    Hope you get some crafting done son.
    Chris #10

  10. No, no, no you might need that stuff one day, so please be careful you have my heart doing palpitations in fear of you discarding the wrong item. I used to have a binder system like that for my dies now I keep them in A4 hard cover file boxes due to weight issues, it eventually pulled the ring binder apart. I have since upgraded to the A4 magnet sheets on really strong chipboard in the file boxes and it works a treat. Good luck cleaning up and take care.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 49
    Happy WOYWW

  11. I must get some kind of binder system for my Spellbinders, this seems to work well.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 38

  12. Goodness me!! You must be worn out ! Still, it will be worth it in the end :o) Love your new die storage – I’m sure I must have a couple of those knocking around somewhere … hmmm …. Happy WOYWW Annie C #45

  13. Oh my word, Mary Anne – you ARE having a time of it, aren’t you? I do hope you manage to get a semblance of order soon, so that you can actually be crafty again, instead of just looking and, probably, sighing! Great die storage!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #22

  14. wow Maryanne totally impressive your sorting maybe i need to do that… one day 😀 love the folder and have one of those for my unmounted stamps ….Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #33

  15. Any time of sorting out gets worse before it gets better. Like your new die storage system (I’ve often wondered about getting something similar)./ Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hazel, WOYWW, #34 x

  16. This post was inspiring. I was advised to sort through and organize my stash as a means of getting out of my creative slump. It’s so difficult to let stuff go, even when you know you won’t use it! Great idea taking some to charity. Keep going, you are doing an awesome job!!! Diane #30

  17. Maryanne you are doing so well so hang in there! I went through the great big declutter of 2014 just before the summer holidays too, it took me days (headmaster was overjoyed at receiving all my old stash for the children to use up!) it really helped me to focus and now I am back crafting again whereas before I just couldn’t bear to start projects as it was all a bit too overwhelming – sounds drastic but so true after hoarding stuff for 20+ years, and do you know I haven’t missed a thing yet! will be starting on my the rest of the house soon…… Sunshine Girl #17

  18. Oh gosh, my head hurts looking at this! Just finished helping my auntie sort her sewing gear.She has loads less than you to sort, and I found that tiring!! Good luck with the tidying and sorting- worth it though!
    Judy #23

  19. I do this sometimes, love sorting through and re ‘finding’ things I had forgotten about , looks like your in the thick of it! Good luck and enjoy
    Jackie 15

  20. I agree – cathartic, but painful to get there – so much worse before it gets better – I tried it once and can’t face it again – though it badly needs it! Good luck… see what else you can find.. Helen 14

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