Oh dear.  What a state my entire room is in for WOYWW.  I’ve been hard at it for a week and not close to being done.  Eek!

I decided rather than a superficial tidy up it had to be a proper sort out.  The thing is, it’s always worse before it’s better!


I’m working my way around the room, pulling out al l the bins and boxes and sorting literally every bit of scrapbooking stash.  Lovely to get re-aquainted with stuff I forgot I had, but the process is painful.


Along the way I’ve tackled some jobs that I have been meaning to do for ages, like consolidating my die collection. I found this handy binder, bought for DS at some point but now re-purposed for my use.


Ad using some bits of magnetic paper I got to this!


It takes up a whole lot less space than the old storage system.  I figure a couple more weeks and the whole house will be sorted. Really anxious to carry on but the recycling bin and the rubbish bin are pretty much full. The back of the car is stuffed to the gills full of goodies for the charity shop and I have a stack of stuff to sell off.  Very cathartic.  The only annoyance is there seems to be no place, or indeed time, to get crafty!  Still, crop this weekend so maybe I’ll manage SOMETHING…

Hope your crafty time is more productive.  Maybe desk hopping – and a little area of clear space – will give me the push I need.  Fingers crossed.