Happy WOYWW day!

My desk is still covered with the memory book stuff, and the little spiky toy debris


I’ve sent off an email with the running order for the organizer to double-check against her list of stuff to make sure no emails with content went astray – hoping when I drop DD off today (after her Drs. appointment) there is no more surprise stuff that needs to be added.

Still in clear out mode too – I am attacking my bookshelves, sorting thru old (and I do mean OLD) scrapbooking magazines.  I’ve been holding on to them, thinking there might still be inspiring stuff in them, but frankly, even a quick flip thru shows me that how we scrapped in 1999 is NOT how we scrap today.  Well, not the way  I scrap anyway.  It’s time to let them go.  I still have nearly a full bookcase of books and a handful of magazines I will keep – like Scrapbooking Memories and More, a short-lived UK mag that I was a small part of eons ago, and the CK Idea Book and Paper Kuts ..Power Team book, I think it was called, that I have layouts or articles in, but other than that, it’s all going in the recycling.  Actually, I might hold on to a handful of them to take to crop next month – it should provide a few moments of hilarity at the very least.  At the time the layouts might have been cutting edge and quite inspiring, but looking back over 14 years I can only  gawp in amazement.  Will we all feel the same looking back in another decade at the mixed media style so popular today?

Hard to believe that 1999 idea book was the one that introduced Becky Higgins! And I def. have the one that had the first digi- HOFer too.  2002 or 2003, I suspect, and both there in the pile….


Times change, styles change, and I need the space.  {sigh} I wonder who else has been hoarding old OLD scrapbooking mags for a decade or more and when they last looked thru them for inspiration?  Have you? And I haven’t even touched the Memory Makers shelf yet – I know some of those book have layouts from me in them so I will have to go thru them all carefully.  Never submitted to Scrapbooks Etc. so at least THAT stack will be quick to weed.

See anything you fancy?  No, I though not….