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Stuffed Spiky

I’ve had an influx of last-minute entries for the memory book I am doing (for DDs youth group leader) so I have to abandon the cupboard cleaning for the day.  But the pages are really more of the same, and I can’t share any with the kids on them, so I will instead share another little Mr Spiky – I edited the blank template to add the logo of the scheme, to accompany the book.  I thought the plain card version might be a bit flimsy so I’ve stuffed him full of toy stuffing and added a little felt covered circle to finish off at the bottom.


He sits quite comfortably on the desk – you may recall orange is my least favourite colour, but what can ya do?


Better get crackin’ – I’m due to hand it over either tomorrow or Thursday! If any MORE comes in I’ll be in a flap till it’s safely in the hands of the team.