Artistic magnetic words

Ack!  I just could not decide what to call this post. I’ll explain…

I mentioned we were cleaning out the garage yesterday.  DD also went thru her room, trying to identify clothes and toys she was happy to take to the Charity shop, and one thing she came across was a baking tray I had altered with scrapbooking papers, full of magnetic butterflies. She’s a bit over girlie things like fairies and butterflies, so not bothered she doesn’t want it anymore. But the tray did give me an idea.

I was looking at the magnetic poetry words we have on our fridge and they are just….boring. I had recently ordered some of this – it was a great deal, I think a buy one get one free sort of deal, so I was happy to potentially waste a sheet experimenting.


I found a few word lists online, often as PDFs or in columns with weird formatting characters. I complied a list of words – maybe not your perfect list but not hard to compile your own, trust me.  I picked a font.  Because I was not planning a white background (or even a solid colour one) I wanted a font that would still be readable. I picked Blackout because I thought it would be easy to cut and that joining a word and a suffix (like, well, JOIN and ING for example) it would mean the join would look seamless.

I looked back thru some of my scans of AJ pages, etc, and found this one, a Gelli Print pulled on a paper towel.  I loved the colours


I sized it to fit the paper, and added the word list


then printed it on the paper side of the magnetic sheet


Cut the words out and ta-da! Magnetic poetry words that look more interesting that black on white.


I only cut a few words out, but it is easy enough to cut the strips then snip them apart – I could have snugged them up a bit closer to waste less, but hey ho, I know for next time. And I’m not 100% sure about the background, only because it is very textured.  Still, I think what you see filling the font is nice enough colour-wise and not so busy you can’t read it.  I do like the idea of using my art for the backgrounds, it might just need playing around with the background+font combo and text printing on cheap paper first.


Here is my Word list:

& a a a a about all always am an and and and and any are are are art art artist artistic as at at be beautiful beauty because begin being believe beneath best better between big big black blend blue blur boy bright brush build building but by came canvas careful cat change class classic clay color comfort cool could crayon crazy create cry dark day different dip do does dog down draw draw dream drip drop each ed ed er est est ever every exhibit explore face famous favorite feel feeling fill find fine fish float flower for for for form friend from full fun genius get giant girl go going good green grow had hand hang happy has have he he heart her here his house how hot I I I if imagine important inspire  inspired inspiration in in ing ing ing ing journal interesting is is is it it it it kid kind know laugh learn life light like like line little look love ly ly magic make many me metal mold moon more move movie museum music my nature never new nice night no no not of of of of on one or or or orange out over paint paint paint painter painting paper pen people perfect person Picasso picture pink poem poetry project purple push put r real realistic red rule s s s s s s sad saw sculptor sculpture see serious shadow shake shape she she she shimmer shine show sky smear so some spill splatter star statue sun super take that that the the the the the their there they thing think thought through time to to to to together too trick tricky try under understand up us us very visit wall want was was water way we weird went were what when where which white who will with with wonderful work world world write y y yellow yes you you your

I figure that if I add them as text, yo can just copy and paste them over into whatever word processor you use and pick a font YOU like.  And slip in any words you want that I don’t have, play with the size, etc etc.