Pixel calendar

This is something I have been working on for a while – honestly? Creating those little pixel colour blocks was the most massive pain in the butt. All those tiny squares, aligning them, selecting the “pattern” and the colours… And changing the fonts is never as straightforward as it should be.  If it isn’t a monospaced font, or if each character isn’t perfectly aligned centre by the creator of the font (and often, with free fonts, they aren’t) then changing the font throws the alignment off.  Unless it is obvious, many people won’t notice. But I do.  And it bugs me.  sometimes, it just isn’t possible to align the columns perfectly – or even if they ARE, they LOOK wonky.  Doh! I just do my best and stop when they look OK to my eye.

They look like this – might be nice for a desk calendar for an IT person, don’tcha think? Easy enough to print and stick them to plain (maybe black?) pieces of card to fit a CD calendar.


I only did the Sunday to Saturday version.  I might take the time to do the Monday to Sunday one at some point, but not till I have the time and the patience.

I would have taken more/better photos but I fear my camera’s rechargeable batteries need replacing – they seem to have come to the end of their life.  A full day’s charge only lasts a day.  I have no AAs kicking around so best sort that sharpish! I also meant to print just the one page of the PDF on white card so I slipped a single page into the printer – it was loaded with cream card for DDs youth leader’s memory book.  Stupid me, I neglected to tell it to print THIS PAGE not the whole PDF.  DOH! again.  But I am liking it printed on cream too, so I figured I’d show that – lucky I got a single photo before my camera gave up the ghost.


I did round all four corners of OCTOBER, but I personally like just the top corners rounded, like November. I guess it depends on whether you have all rounded or a mix of rounded and square in your book.

It’s a three page PDF, 4 months per page.  All rainbow, except December, which is red, green and gold/yellow, mostly. The font for the months is Checkbook and the day strip is OCR A Std.  The numbers are Helvetica Neue Light

No I just have a few WOYWW visits to return, then it’s all about the book…