I was SO busy yesterday, working on the memory book for DDs youth group leader I completely neglected to blog.  Shocking.  Almost forgot to schedule my WOYWW post, it was so absorbing. And that state of my room? Shocking.


An unusual shot across the room, just so you can see the magnitude of the chaos.  And a shot of the floor – oh dear…


But the book itself is looking good – it began life as an ugly office binder but is pretty nice  so far – not too much in the way of decoration, following a bit of a template for girl and boy pages.  I will be collecting the photos tomorrow, hence the large blocks of photo size papers.  I think it will be much appreciated so am determined to enjoy the process, rather than worry about getting it all done in time.  Fingers crossed it will be.


Forgot to snap the cover in time but I’ll be sure to add it before I pass it on.

Oh and I am no closer to deciding what to do with the Zetti house – a couple of people commented they hoped to see the finished item this week – well, no, but to save you hunting back here is where it is so far.

Flat, then folded into the house shape, with the B&W images added.  Clicking on them should show you a larger image.  Still can’t decide – leave them B&W it colour them with Copics…. maybe next week?

Happy WOYWW!


25 thoughts on “WOYWW 272

  1. I think the stamped images for your house look great in b&w. They definitely stand out against the patterned paper more, where as if they were colored I think they would blend in. Just my thoughts. I hope your memory book comes together smoothly!

  2. Hi MA have you been taking floor lessons from Helen. the house is looking fab I would leave it black and white, it s more of a contrast
    janet 6

  3. great looking creative space. I am incapable of creating in an uber tidy place..mine looks like I am ready for the hoarders show! Love your projects. That book is looking awesome. Have a great week. Vickie #64

  4. Well I love your A4 monitor, I wanted one but too expensive. Nothing wrong witha healthy worked in craft room, and if it spreads onto the floor, so what? You need room on the desk for The Book, so working on things to go in it has to happen elsewhere.
    The Book looks good, keep showing its progress!
    Chris #52

  5. Oh wow, what great space! Sometimes getting messy is the ONLY way to get super creative results. I cleaned my desk and now I don’t want to mess it up!! That’s not creative 😉

    Thanks for sharing your space!
    XO Tam Hess #74

  6. I thought . . . your desk doesn’t look that bad and then you showed us the floor. 🙂 ha, ha!
    Lovely to hear you’re making enjoying the process your priority. I often find that that makes finishing on time more likely rather than less likely. 🙂
    I vote for colouring your house!
    Have a fun week
    Gillian #34

  7. I see why it is hard to decide if you should color the images on the house or not. They look cool B&W but might be even cooler in color. Decisions, decisions…. Love the photo of the floor. I’ve made that mess before myself. The book is coming together so well. Nice to see spots for photos and that you were able to just make spaces and not worry about *what* photos yet. PJ #59

  8. Great book, and love the floor pic – made me feel right at home lol!
    Debs x

  9. Hi Mary Anne- the floor is a very undervalued storage area, I believe, lol. At least the piles don’t have far to fall! Love the memory book, a beautiful gift I’m sure she will treasure. Having the odd panic attack at the idea of the MRI- I can get a bit claustrophobic at times, so not sure how well I’m going to handle that until I have to do it tomorrow. Eyes cothed and deep breathing, probably,lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #16 xxx

  10. No expression of YIKEs from me..just wonder at the way you use the floor…is it discard and put away later or do you use it to spread out supplies in use..all that picking up – no wonder I’ve got teetering piles on my desk, it’s to avoid the bending!

  11. Hi Maryanne, I love to see all your stuff on the floor, makes me feel better, I will say no more about that Lol! Did you have a template for the Zetti House, it looks simple when you see it flat but it’s very clever how it stands so well.
    I also noticed the dress form below and love it, will have to come back and have another look later.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 49

  12. I love your space! What wonderful large windows for lots of natural light! So your have stuff on your floor…isn’t that what a floor is for?

  13. I love that folded house, if it were up to me, I’d leave the characters monochrome..more impact against the coloured background!
    What a great thing you’re doing, creating that album for the youth leader…I’m sure they’ll love it and so nice you’re that you’re enjoying the process!!
    As for wedding dresses, my mum and I made mine……but I don’t know if I’d ever do one again but never say never, eh?
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  14. Loving the work area. Lovely colours and layout on the book.

  15. What a lovely gift that memory book is. I’m sure it will be very much appreciated. How nice to be able the close the door on the chaos too. Mine is stacked up precariously behind me as I type. No room for me to sit there!

  16. Oops, you’re the first of today so I forgot to mention my number! #18 it is for today 🙂 Happy WOYWW!

  17. The floor is just undervalued space! The only annoying thing about it is that you have to bend to pick something up. I guess my prefect space would be some sort of shelving in a cocoonshape around me, or rather, in such a shape that everything is within reach while I’m sitting. The back should stay open so I don’t feel too claustrophobic :P.
    Enjoying the process of making something is important – it wouldn’t feel good to give a gift which you finished without the joy or satisfaction of making it.
    The houses look fantastic! Right now I’d say leave the images black and white so they stand out more from the houses.

  18. You are creating in this room, right? How could it look different? Nothing wrong with it , mine looks the same, only different materials. I still hope to see your little house finished some day, it is such a cool project!
    Gabriele 25

  19. yes, you have much more room than I do… but let’s not fall out over that! love the house – think I’d be tempted to leave the photos as they are… but would probably try colouring a spare to see what it looked like! Happy WOYWW Helen 17

  20. Hi Mary Anne. As Ginny said – there IS still room to walk across – so it’s not so bad! Lovely memory book – it’s coming on just great.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  21. How lovely you are doing a memory book for her as a gift! It’s great you get so engrossed and just make a mess… But that’s not a real mess… Hop over to mine to see a mess !!!
    Jackie 15

  22. Loving your album. Hope you get it done in time. Nice that you were so happily absorbed. Love seeing the chaos that ensues as we create…mine regularly looks the same. #23

  23. Never seen a second computer screen used on its side. Looks like a lovely creative mess to me
    Bridget #4

  24. Your room isn’t so bad…you still have room to walk. My room looks like a hoarder’s dream palace!

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