I was SO busy yesterday, working on the memory book for DDs youth group leader I completely neglected to blog.  Shocking.  Almost forgot to schedule my WOYWW post, it was so absorbing. And that state of my room? Shocking.


An unusual shot across the room, just so you can see the magnitude of the chaos.  And a shot of the floor – oh dear…


But the book itself is looking good – it began life as an ugly office binder but is pretty nice  so far – not too much in the way of decoration, following a bit of a template for girl and boy pages.  I will be collecting the photos tomorrow, hence the large blocks of photo size papers.  I think it will be much appreciated so am determined to enjoy the process, rather than worry about getting it all done in time.  Fingers crossed it will be.


Forgot to snap the cover in time but I’ll be sure to add it before I pass it on.

Oh and I am no closer to deciding what to do with the Zetti house – a couple of people commented they hoped to see the finished item this week – well, no, but to save you hunting back here is where it is so far.

Flat, then folded into the house shape, with the B&W images added.  Clicking on them should show you a larger image.  Still can’t decide – leave them B&W it colour them with Copics…. maybe next week?

Happy WOYWW!