The necklace display/mock dress form template

I just had to work it out.  Tricky, and not perfect, but so long as you smooth the curves when cutting, I think it will work well enough.  They can be cut from 2 sheets of card then overlapped in the centre to make a bigger form.  There is also a single form, sized to fit on a single sheet of card – that is the size I used for the one I made here:


The PDF is three pages – left and right of the two-sheet version and the full one-sheet smaller version.  Sorry for the dodgy lines, it was really tricky to get them smooth.    But like I said, just smooth the curves when cutting – there seems to be a little dip in the centre of the neck, for example, where I stitched the two halves together for the full-sheet version.

The photos show a fatter version I played with so anything you see that makes you go Hummm? is probably down to that. The PDF version works the same as this first attempt.

Just cut out the two halves, if doing the BIG version


Score the lines at neck and armpit.  I find it best to sort of pinch-walk along the crease to create the shape


And once you overlap you will have the full front, like so


Punch the little dots and thread thru some ribbon/string/twine and depending on how tight you pull that you can get a slightly different look


I used some washi tape and this version has text on the body, which I decided wasn’t a great idea.

I’m still hunting for a template that someone else (who is better at this than I am) already did but not finding it.  But then DH has been sorting out some back-up issues and talking about replacing my hard drive (shudder) so my Google hunting time hasn’t been all that much. Still, this will do in a pinch and I’ll add a better one if I find it.

Oh and you can obviously increase the size with a photocopy for an even bigger version although the 2-part one is, I think, an OK size if you want to use it for an actual necklace display at a craft fair.  In which case I would refer you back to the original link for how she covers hers with sticky-backed felt or fun foam, for example.

Happy Sunday…