More school printables


Expecting a fairly hellish weekend so I am just going to add a fairly random selection of things and add what I think is a useful link.  Fuzzimo, which has a lot of interesting resources, has a new site specifically for generating Dymo style labels that you can download. I would have used them for these printables, but according to how *I* read the terms of use, creating labels and making them available for download is a no-no.  But the doesn’t stop YOU from using the site to create labels and use them in your Smash books, Project Life pages, or scrapbook layouts, printed or digi.



This is what my printables look like:



And you can download them here! There are a couple of 4 x 6 cards included, simply because I expect the tiny 3 x 4 size would be too small to write as much as you might like, but I did also include smaller blank ones – you could just add a small school photo to those, or write on them with a white pen or pencil, for the chalkboard look.  I also did the library record cards in both the traditional blue and in pink, for a more girly option.  You could use the label-maker to create a SCHOOL SUPPLIES strip to go over the pencils (which had been my plan till I read the Terms of Use) or come up with another  bit of text.  Likewise the circuit board – Such a Geek, or some other computer related bit of text was the plan. Maybe you have a better idea so this leaves it open for yo to add what you like.


5 thoughts on “More school printables

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  2. Thanks for doing all of these printables! Do you by chance have a page of just library cards?

  3. I always love your Project Life printables! Thank you for being so generous with them! I always pin them too – hope it helps drive more traffic to your great blog!

  4. Thank you–have added these to my collection 😉

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