Zetti stuff and about that house….


OK so I finally finished all the stamping of the Zetti grab bags.  What a huge amount of stuff!

Five sleeves of four 4×6 pockets


Three sleeves of nine 2.5 x 3.5 pockets


and two sleeves of 20 2 x 2 slide pockets


And, just cause so many people were curious, these are the two I will never use – the quotes themselves are fine, but that FONT.  It might as well be comic sans…. The other small one is the single duplicate I got.


I was cutting out some of the first images I stamped on white, just to test the fit on the little house.  I am torn – while I like the idea of colouring them I am also pretty in love with the stark B&W images.  I simply can’t decide.  I’ll have to colour a couple and then take a photo and look at them both.  Maybe that will help me figure it out….





{sigh} Sometimes I just struggle with creative decisions….

…but at least I feel like I’ve made progress.  I may have to set it all aside to work on DDs play-leader’s memory book, but I have a fear they will hoard all the stuff that needs to go inside till the last-minute, or the kids and parents will wait for the last-minute to hand over art, writing and photos. What ever have I let myself in for??



5 thoughts on “Zetti stuff and about that house….

  1. What a cool project, congrats on getting such cool stamps in your grab bag!

  2. I loved your project. It’s amazing. I work with paper all the time specially Art Dolls. They look pretty too. I got some new ideas from your blog, I want to try them on my new doll stencils. Have a look, you must get them too. They are even available online!

  3. What a fabulous project! I have never pro-actively taken pictures to decide, but I have often changed my mind after seeing something in a photograph lol. Note to self: when dithering, photograph.

    And about the book, that may well be a “no good deed goes unpunished sort of thing, ” but fingers crossed for you that it goes smoothly. The thing is, even when I get punished for them, I would do them anyway.. but I’m really not a glutton for punishment, more of a it’s a needs doing sort of thing and that’s the cost of it.

  4. Wow, you hit the jack pot! I see a lot of rubber I wish I had. It is sad to see Zetti go….they were around for such a long time and now mo more rubber. Makes me a little sad. But we do still have Teesha and Tracy, so that’s good!

  5. WOW, what a fab haul u got. What great fun. They are all going to be great on cards and oh so fun in journals. I know u will make them look good in b&w or color. I really like the tower u made.

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