WOYWW271 – so many stamps!


I’ve not managed to finish stamping all the images from my Zettiology grab bags, but I did manage to get quite a few trimmed and test stamped.  Working on a little house for some of my favourites.  Like the Zombie Town one and the steam punk one from ages ago.


I’ve made each “house: a different paper, just for fun.


It looks quite cool wen folded into shape. Here are the images I have stamped so far:


You can see the two that I know I will NEVER use – but I’m thinking I can excise out the text and still make use of the postage stamp frame, so not a total loss. Here are a couple of my favourites so far:


Those two are my absolute favourites by far, but I also love this guy a lot – very Bosch, I think:


and this one reminds me of the character from Machinarium :


I did cut apart those eyes and the row of houses at the top, and like it better as two stamps.

That will keep me buys for the day – oh and DD’s disability group leader is leaving and I volunteered to make her “memory book” gift so I’ve got THAT to do as well!

In between desk hopping, of course… {wink}

Happy WOYWW!

30 thoughts on “WOYWW271 – so many stamps!

  1. Hi Mary Anne, finally getting around to my visiting this week! Loving the stamping, its sad when something a little different ceases to be, such a shame they are closing. I will check whats happening with my link, I think you may have the answer there.Have a great week, Hugs. Shaz

  2. I really thought I had left a comment before now but I can’t see it. I so love zettiology and I am sad to hear they are folding. Love the collection of stamps you’ve got and that house will look amazing.

    Belated WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  3. Oh yes, they are my neighbors to the North! I always wanted to do the huge retreat they offer up there every year. I LOVE the style and whimsy of the stamps. They should get into digital stamps? Anyway, thanks for sharing the images and your desk. LOVE to see all the fun stuff 🙂

  4. Machinarium, yay! 🙂

  5. Never nice to here a creative company is closing! I’ve been looking at more artsy stamps, but find it hard to use them yet. But there are quite a few I see that I wouldn’t mind having!
    I have cut out text out of a grabbag stamp too, text was a bit too hard/dirty/sarcastic for me. (can’t remember what it was, but I’d never use it). I cut out the text complete though, so if I ever change my mind I still have it.
    Debbie/Daqa #52

  6. I can’t see the text that you are planning to excise, dammit!! I share your joy at this grab bag, what a great deal. Although of course, mostly the stamps scare me to death! as for the memory book for DDs group leader – good on ya. She will love it. I already know that.

  7. Oh your desk looks like so much fun this week! Can’t wait to see the finished house!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Amy E. #8

  8. Love your artwork! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #54

  9. Hi Mary Anne,

    I really like the boy and girl stamps. Maybe not the first that would catch my eye but I can see the possibilities!!! Love the look of the house and can’t wait to see it folded up.

    The alien hanging off the rock formation reminds me of here. In one of my first posts I had a photo of an alien sign (like a road sign) in the cliffs leaving town. I’ll have to look for that.

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (14)

  10. Me again! Yep, the fusible fleece is from Fabricland – it’s £7.95 per metre if memory serves…. it’s useful stuff, I always have a stash in cos I use it for lots of different projects 🙂
    LLJ xx

  11. What a nice load of cool stamps! Your houses will look very nice, I am sure! Are you going to show them next time?
    Gabriele 29

  12. Wow, what a lot of stamps, and it is a shame that you have so many text stamps that you won’t use.
    I agree the cost of postage for even the smallest item , from USA to UK, is prohibitive and there don’t seem to be many companies doing these US stamps in UK. Daily Bread are another company I would like to buy from but detered by postage. Have fun with you houses.
    Chris #63

  13. Always a shame when a company you really like closes it’s doors, but you can some really cool stamps from them. Text stamps are useful but I often find that I make specific quotes on the computer instead as the stamp size or font just doesn’t fit what I want. Love the house too.

    Brenda B 53

  14. Awesome haul – sad to see this company go, great stamps. Can’t wait to see how your houses turn out!! Cindy #57

  15. Wow! What a great load of stamps – Look forward to seeing your houses. Now for a confession – I have lost your address – I really have looked in all the obvious places – went through my crop stuff so many times – could you please send it to me. My e-mail is I have your die cuts in an envelope ready to post. I tried to avoid the public shame of a confession of my forgetfulness but hey ho!!! Hugs Chris (no number as I feel so bad about not getting back to some folk last week.)

  16. Looking forward to seeing your finished houses. Loving your choice of papers. You’ve got me curious though. What was on those stamps that you’ve crossed out and will never use?
    Have a fun week!
    Gillian #34

  17. Hi Mary Anne, the contents of those grab bags are amazing and are certainly going to keep you busy for some time to come. Though not entirely my style I can see why you are sad that the folk over at Zettiology are shutting their doors. I look forward to seeing the house piece when done. Have a lovely WOYWW and a great week. Elizabeth x #47

  18. Oh Wow! and Wow! again this is amazing Maryanne. Youhave to let us see it finished.
    Angelax #46

  19. I can see why you would be sad at their closing, not my style at all, but I LOVE your work! I just suck at the arty stuff.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #41

  20. Love your buildings in the first photo. And all those images are interesting. I think it was a good thing to split up the eyes and houses. You will use them both more if they are separate. TFS and Happy WOYWW. I couldn’t sleep so am Blog serfing in the wee hours. 🙂 #34

  21. Great collection on stamps and fab looking house.

  22. I don’t often cut stamps, but I’m in agreement with you about the eyes and houses. The stamps are sooo wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing the finished house : D. Happy WOYWW! #4

  23. Wow what a grab bag of rubber stamps you got there!!!!!! Lots to use, look forward to seeing what you make with them over the coming weeks… Maybe months with that amount !!! Or years!
    Jackie 16

  24. So sad to hear it is closing down, I think I have a few of their stamps. Cant wait to see the finished tower
    Bridget Larsen #20

  25. How lucky you are to only have one duplicate with all that rubber! I got my prize from CC3 and also only had one duplicate item of ink which my local store swapped out for me! #21

  26. Those stamps are going to make some wicked fun projects for sure. I have to agree on the shipping costs and cost of exchange can just really make you delay on getting a lot of stuff
    Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 5

  27. That’s an eclectic mix of images! I bet you’ll get great use out of them. Some remind me of Terry Gilliam’s animations from Monty Python!
    Good luck with the memory book hope it comes together quickly 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  28. Ok so not only did you pip me at the post again lol but now I have stamp envy….. Where ever did you get all those fab steam
    Punk stamps I never see those at the shows. Is there a web site called crazy but loveable stamp images. Com
    Janet @2

  29. I can’t believe you’re going to ditch the text stamps! I use loads of them.. however, if they’re not your style… and I can’t see what they say so they could be rubbish!! You certainly got a great grab bag, with that lot – not my style of image on the whole, but I can see their charms for some. Have a fun day.
    Helen, no number yet.

  30. lol if you ever want to get rid of anything….!! 🙂

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