No loom? Try this!

Well, DD went shopping with me and spied a magazine of loom bracelets.  She had learned how to make the most basic ones at her Challengers craft day (for kids with learning and physical disabilities) and I was stunned that she was able to manage them completely on her own.  Given her cerebral palsy, the flat loom works for her.  She has made many, many bracelets but all of the same basic design, just using different colour combos to create variety.

The mag is loaded with complex designs. To be honest, the magazine was a compromise – she wanted a book but I wasn’t sure she would be able to follow the complicated looping and hooking needed for the advanced designs so I said we’d get the magazine and see.  It came with a basic loom, a TINY, and useless, hook, and a bag of cheap, thin, poor quality bands. She went thru the book and found this:

I looked at the directions and despite never having made a loom bracelet of even the most basic type, I managed it.  The problem came when I looked at the completed piece and found it was only about 2 1/2 inches from tip to toe.  Who’s wrist was THAT going to fit?  Looking carefully at the magazine photos  could see that all of the shots show just one complete sequence – you never see it in the round or the other side.  So I tried and tried to work out how to extend it.  I thought if I didn’t complete the final section then moved the loops to the other end and added more it should be easy to do. HA! Because you load the bands from one end then flip it around to hook them, the process just made ZERO sense, and the couple of attempts I made just fell into two pieces and began to unravel.  Hence no photo.

My other thought was to join the cheap loom that came with the magazine to the other loom she has, thus extending the working area.  But one loom was at home and one was at her dad’s office so there wasn’t going to give immediate satisfaction.  I figured there had to be a YouYube video and maybe one explained how to join up two (or more) series of stars.  I didn’t find it, but I did find a brilliant channel that shows how to make loom bracelets without a loom.  It was genius.  She does even have one for the starburst.  I thought I would try an easier one first to see if the process worked.  Result!


Don’t be fooled by the loom.  I didn’t use it.  What did I use?


I found this super simple, once you fix the sequence in your head.  The real advantage is as you are working on a continuous piece you simply stop when it is long enough – you aren’t constrained by the number of pegs on your loom.

There may be looms out there that come with a method to join them, to create a super-sized loom, but I don’t know if I would bother.  If I could figure out a way to make a version of the to forks taped together than would sit solidly on the table, so DD could loop and hook one-handed, I am pretty sure I could teach her some of the simple, couple of step patterns.  But until then, she will carry on making the single repeat versions and I’ll try out a few more of the complex ones…including that starburst LOL!

The YouTuber is Olgacrafts. It’s well worth a look, especially if you don’t have super fine-boned wrists {wink}