Back to School Project life filler cards

As I have been working over the last few weeks to sort out some school things for DD, it shouldn’t be surprising that back to school is on my mind.  I’ve learned t just go with the flow – if I get an idea, not matter what time of year it is, I  just follow thru then and there.  If I wait, but the time it comes around, I’ll have forgotten what I thought of!

Hence, this small set of printable filler cards.  In organizing them on the page, I realized that if I am careful I can squeeze in a few circle embellishments as well – just a little something extra.


Now the colour of that looks fine on my monitor but when I printed them, I felt it was just that little bit too dark and with a slight reddish undertone.


I was aiming for kraft and it wasn’t quite right.  Now I know that every printer is going to use the info in the PDF in its own way, but I played around with the gamma settings on JUST the kraft card background. I did a light and a mid version, just for my own info really.  I thought the light was perhaps too light so settled on the mid-tone version to add


You can download the mid-tone version here!

I hope y can see on your monitor that although the kraft background is lighter moving to the right, the green arrow is exactly the same colour and intensity.  Trust me – it really is in real life, even if it doesn’t look that way on the screen.

Now, off to make a few dozen more phone calls – so I may be thinking back to school thoughts for a while longer…