WOYWW270 – more twisted things

I am still exploring the uses for Twisted cards.  I like the form.  Gift card, then ATC holder for mailing, now.. a CD holder!

That is what is on my workdesk this Wednesday.  Be sure to pop to the WOYWW post to see what others are doing – bet it’s more interesting – I always find them so. Not sure I will manage every desk (well, up till linked at about 5 PM last week, so pretty good if not perfect!) but I will visit as many as I can. I enjoyed it last week, and did see a few desks that, despite my attempts to get to everyone (even if they DON’T visit me and comment) at some point, I haven’t seen in AGES, if ever.

Here is the overall shot:


I thought just for fun I would measure the open area that I work in – shockingly small space…


and it’s only 7 inches the other way!

I started with a 6 inch by A4 strip of paper for the CD holder…not QUITE right


so I upped that to 7 x A4 (nearly 12 inches) and that worked fine.


I just stuck on the other side of the fold, to make it more secure


then stuck down the fold overs at the sides – I am not going to bore you with walking thru the Twisted Card process AGAIN. Either of the last two posts will give you the info you need. But if you fold DOWN the tops, folding the front cover one in and tucking it behind the CD, then fold the back cover one onto the front and secure it with a dot of repositionable adhesive, it not only holds the CD better, it fits the 5 1/4 square envelope! Now if we send the Grandparents a CD of photos we can integrate the CD with a card!


What that also shows is getting the RIGHT double-sided paper is the key – this is one from the unloved section of the paper pack from DD.  Fine for testing, and with a bit of work it could be cute, but anything with a directional pattern isn’t going to work all that well – something to bear in mind.

Anyway, loads to do, as usual – what is it about Wednesdays?? – so off to get some quick inspiration around at YOUR desk {wink}