Dingbats as digital stamps

As I was making the ATCs the other day I found myself using dingbats because I didn’t have actual stamps and wasn’t able to find digital stamps that suited my needs. It got me thinking…why NOT use dingbat images?  The always scale beautifully with no loss of clarity, although the lines tend to thicken in proportion to the size


The font names are on the right – you know me, there are LOADS of lovely butterflies and flowers and wings and birds and the like available in dingbat form, but I am always looking for slightly odd images and these suited my needs. They colour up with Copics just as well as any digital stamp


I also wanted to make use of the prints from the Creative Palette – they weren’t brilliant but they worked OK for what I had in mind, a small set of ATCs with some favourite sci-fi movie quotes.  So they formed the backgrounds, with a bit of stamping and printed text.

Well, except for this one.  I seem to have a few of the office supply, tiny text create-a-stamp sets and I decided to give them a go.  They actually worked pretty well, although placement is a bit tricky.


So, how many can you identify, without checking Google?



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