WOYWW 269 – Christmas in July


I am still making anti-Christmas in summer ATCs using my printables.  I’m quite liking how they are turning out.

I thought this week I would take a shot from a different angle, just to show you that my mess is NOT confined to just the “working area” of my desk:


It really is that bad, from one end to the other.  {sigh}

And the working square is just about tolerable:


You can see the Bah Humbug ATC from yesterday as well as the other three in my set of four:


The bag of coal needs some more text – I’m leaning towards “not bloody likely” to answer the Been Good? question and explain  the bag of coal.  The screaming man is an old image I think I bought back in 1999, for UKS – I used it a lot when I wrote the Scrap Musings.  Always liked it and the images are VERY large and thus high quality – I saw no reason they wouldn’t work as “digital stamps” but they seem to have disappeared from the site where I bought them.  The tech support team in on the case.  This guy is def. my favourite but there were a few others I quite liked as well.  We’ll see if they find them.

The other images are dingbats – the Bag o’ Coal and the little boy catching snowflakes are from David Wilson fonts from 2 Peas – shame they won’t be available anymore.  The snowman is built from white cardstock circles, and the face is a bit of a pumpkin carving font, some black dots and a clip art carrot.  The grasping arm is a bit of a Stampotique stamp.  I think he looks suitably scary, don’t you?


You can’t see the Diamond Dust snow very well but it’s there – might punch some tiny white snowflakes as well.

Now last week got away from me – I was busy on Weds. with DD all day, and it was Sunday morning before I realized I never got to even one desk last week.  Oh the SHAME of it all – I am thinking (although Weds. is still skating day AND we have haircuts booked AND DD is home with me all day and craves girlie time when that happens) I may try and see if for once I can visit every blog on the list.  I won’t say comment cause some people only allow comments from Google accounts and some just will not accept my input for some unknown reason. But my plan is to visit everyone.  Never done it before and it’s time I made the effort – if for no other reason than to make up for my poor showing last week!

So, see you round yours in a bit…but if I see Christmas cards …..


(update: PHEW! visited every desk and only found 3 or so that only allowed Google comments so I couldn’t say how much I like what I saw – that was a challenge but glad I managed it at least ONCE!!)


40 thoughts on “WOYWW 269 – Christmas in July

  1. Thank you for your visit earlier – man came, man went, man can’t do anything, that’s what I told him (don’t have cavity walls and the loft is insulated) when he rang but …..
    Love your desk – I like a busy desk, even if you had 20foot long desk bet you would still work in 1ft space …..

  2. To visit everyone is a serious achievement and it is not yet Saturday. You are quite right about the Retreat, Mary Anne, blast did not come near describing how good it was. Two whole days of teaching from Barbara Gray with the help of Paul Church, the run of the Clarity shop (you could not ask for the wrong thing, if it wasn’t on the fitments, someone would nip down to the factory and get it for later in the day). Spending two days with a wonderful bunch of crafters was also a serious bonus, with crafty talking going on throughout the evening as well. Hope you have a good week. xx Maggie #32

  3. Hi that stencil on my desk is from The crafter’s workshop “zenspirations” line its the 6″ version. ( I guess they make 12″ stencils too) thanks for the visit, ~Stacy #70

  4. Thanks for your comments Mary Anne, not ignorant at all. Plastic horse I pick up on e-bay are excellent for practicing on. All so when they turn out really rubbish is strip them with car paint thinner and start again. First time I did this with plastic ones, it melted them! That was Monday this week so another lesson learnt there.
    Plus I want those ATC’s especially that snowman he is wonderful, in fact they all are. I used to love ATCforall for swapping. xx

  5. Hi Mary Anne…well done visiting everyone…it takes a while doesn’t it, now I just do random and replies but as many as I’s fun. AND I just love your anti Christmas ATCs and your workspace is very usable. Cheers and thanks for visiting my desk RobynO#29

  6. Hi Mary Anne, LOVE that scary snowman ATC, it’s great! And those backgrounds are really eye-catching too!
    Thanks for dropping by too. (I have no hope of ever visiting everyone.) Have a good week,

  7. The humor of these ATC’s is just brilliant 🙂 Oh YAY my blog let you in. Sometimes I wonder about that. thanks for the visit, I love how much space you have even with the piles ~Stacy #70

  8. Your ATCs are great! TFS But I am so impressed that you visited all the desks! I have never visited everyone, before. You may have inspired me! Thank you for stopping by! #28

  9. I love to see messy work areas, it makes me feel I am in good company. I love your anti-Christmas cards, I’ve not started to think about Christmas yet! Thanks for popping by and saying hello – I admire your ambition of visiting everyone. That is some feat!!

  10. ha ha you wouldn’t have seen any C******** cards on my blog I’m with you, love the idea of anti Christmas ATC… but couldn’t bring myself to make even them.
    Blogger ate my post this week …Grr I had included a picture taken with my new I phone lens which arrives on Monday…. maybe next week… looking good already.
    Not sure about the old jigsaws thsy may have too much hand grease on I had a pack of plain ones and had a ‘what if ‘ moment, I had to ‘cut ‘ all the pieces out of the safmat …. only half done as you could see.

  11. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier and for your lovely comments.
    Your ATCs are a real hoot. Love them.
    Annie x # 19

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog so fast! Don’t hop back too soon though, after I posted the WOYWW post I made a new blogpost, about my desk back in november (I had pictuers of my desk but never uploaded them) and those include a tiny bit of Christmas stuff! (mostly baby card stuff). I like your anti-christmas cards / ATC’s – they’re funny! And I have to admit that Christmas is not on my mind with this warm weather! I think it was actually your post that made me link up to WOYWW again – I’ve been receiving your posts in my mailbox via RSS feed, but had been way behind in reading blogs. I don’t really trust tidy desks – I always suspect they’ve been tidied just before taking the picture. I can try to keep it tidy while crafting, but somehow my crafting cupboard explodes onto my dining table within 5 minutes of crafting every single time!

    Debbie / Daqa #59

  13. Hi, Mary Anne, thanks for popping over to visit. Your ATCs are great. I think everyone goes through seasons with their paper crafting hobbies. If you truly miss scrapbooking, you’ll get back to it. 🙂 Until then, it looks like you’re having a blast on the smaller canvas of ATCs. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #60

  14. I’ve never heard of “anti-Christmas” cards or ATCs. Those are very different! Your desk area definitely is very busy! Happy WOYWW and thanks for popping by!
    Carol N #64

  15. Your snowman looks properly sinister–perfect for an anti-Christmas ATC. I loved seeing the wide angle shot of your working area so we could see your mess in all its glory. It’s so bad it’s good! I’ll bet you have lots of good stash in there! Judy #76

  16. well done on visiting everyone i have never managed that …maybe one day but unlikley ….it would take me whole 24 hrs as my typing skills are awful !!!… l I love the ATCs made me LOL even though I am a hHUGE Christmas fan I wont ask if you found any on your travels ;-)…have great week and thanks for visiting me earlier and for sharing your fabulous work . crafty hugs Andrea #21

  17. Lovely atcs and quirky designs.Thank you for your visit. Karen #18

  18. Wow! Really cool anti-Christmas ATCs!! Love the snowman, he’s very spooky and so reaching for that lil kid! 🙂 love it! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #61

  19. I refuse to even think about that holiday till after my birthday in August! I always feel right at home visiting here!

  20. Lovely ATCs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 24

  21. Thanks for swinging by earlier MaryAnn. You could be right about the universe. I love the ATC’s they are hilarious. Love the snowman. View of your desk is fun..why do we always end up working in the tiniest space possible? Cx #66

  22. Oh my, those cranky Christmas ATCs are a riot! Especially that creepy snowman, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments. 🙂

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #16

  23. HI and thank you for stopping by my desk earlier! I love your ATCs, they have certainly tapped in to my sense of humour – I love the snowman one! Loving your very busy desk too! Hugs Carole Z #35

  24. Ooh what a lovely creative space, and I love your ATC’s. I think the answer to ‘Been good?’ should be ‘Whatever for?’ or ‘As good as you have been’.
    Sorry you ended up on Friday’s page, technology certainly was ‘us’ this morning.
    As for my alterations, I used to make wedding dresses, so a bit of alteration here and there shouldn’t be a problem, but these needed taking up on teh shoulders, about 4 inches.
    Sorry about the Christmas card, just had to grab the tiem when it was available.
    Chris #45

  25. Love your messy creative space, Mary Anne (reminds me of mine lol!) and your anti-Christmas cards are such fun! I love the backgrounds particularly.

    Thank you for your lovely and supportive comment – I am continuing to feel pretty rough today but hope to feel better in a day or two. The past couple of years has been a pretty rough ride one way and another (with some lovely bits thrown in!) and I’m looking forward to a period of peace and quiet where I can get into a gentle routine which features lots of time satisfying my need to be creative!

    My hubby was recently warned that his sugar levels were dangerously high, and if he wanted to avoid the family curse of diabetes, he’d better start cutting down drastically. He reports that since his change in diet, he has lost his sweet tooth and is no longer craving such things, and managing to live very happily without them, so hang in there!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #47

  26. Loving the ATCs but ignoring the Christmas mention, I can’t think about that yet Lol!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #38

  27. Your ATCs are so much so cool, and I love the humor in them too. My desk looks as messy as yours when I’m working on a project, so don’t worry about it. I posted some Christmas cards, so I apologize in advance – LOL! I hope you enjoy your time with DD. Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

  28. Oh MaryAnne what a hoot, those ATCS are brilliant – that snowman has such an evil glint in his eye!! I’m loveing that you use every biy of space – my windowsills are covered in stuff as well (although when I came in uncharacteristically early one morning to see the sun streaming through my North facing window I did wonder if that is such a good idea after all). Have a happy Wednesday, no Christmas on my desk I promise you!! Hugs, Cindy x

  29. Well my foray into Christmas has been a bit of a fail, so you won’t need to look for long here! I love the ATCs..the little boy with his tongue out is so cute – like a peanuts character. And yep, I think the snowman is scarey enough..that frown!!

  30. Love the atc’s. My DD used to wear a t-shirt in December which read “let’s define good”.
    Sandra de @52

  31. lol I might have to make a Christmas card just to see what happens : D. LOVE that snowman, it’s fierce enough to be in a Doctor Who Christmas special (I’m trying to turn that into a Christmas ornament diorama as an entry into the fair). #37

  32. Your ATCs are lovely and I just want to say that you must be one of the most amazing crafters I have ever met! You do so many things and you are innovative all the time! I wish I had one atom of your amazing enthusiasm! Thank you for showing us so many great things and keep up the good work! He, he a busy desk means you do a lot of stuff!
    Lots of hugs,

  33. Your cards are so cute! I really like the snowman one!
    Glenda #42

  34. ah suitably scary indeedy, Mary Anne re the snowman, he looks really mean.. mm not sure like mean in cards am strictly a traditionalist but love the work you did o that one particularly. Shaz in Oz.x
    happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #27

  35. Ha, I love your anti Christmas stamps! Especially the bag of coal! I wonder how many folk won’t get that reference?! That one was my favourite 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ. 2 xx

  36. Good luck in your quest to visit every desk!!!!!!!
    Loving the ATC’s you have made !
    Have a good time with DD and hope haircuts go well!!!
    Jackie 11

  37. Fun ATCs there, Mary Anne. You are safe to visit my site – no Christmas in sight – still on wedding stuff!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  38. I’m so glad someone else out there has started her Christmas stuff! My husband thinks I’m crazy! I have already made a few prototype cards (I have to do this first!) and as I very stupidly said that I would have a craft table our christmas fayre, I need to think about making in earnest soon. People don’t appreciate how long these things take to do! Loving your ATCs….
    Hugs Lynda B 17

  39. Ahh haa haa love those atc’s on Anti Christmas. I have supplies for xmas cards out but none a showing seeing I just started messing around with them again
    but I think I like your idea of a couple anti ones perhaps I should send some to my nieces in Nov to freak em out a little that there will be no xmas lol
    hugs Nikki 8

  40. I love your atc’s Mary Anne, even though Christmas in July (especially this hot!!) is not something I can conjure up… good luck with your desk hopping…. Helen 7

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