WOYWW 269 – Christmas in July

I am still making anti-Christmas in summer ATCs using my printables.  I’m quite liking how they are turning out.

I thought this week I would take a shot from a different angle, just to show you that my mess is NOT confined to just the “working area” of my desk:


It really is that bad, from one end to the other.  {sigh}

And the working square is just about tolerable:


You can see the Bah Humbug ATC from yesterday as well as the other three in my set of four:


The bag of coal needs some more text – I’m leaning towards “not bloody likely” to answer the Been Good? question and explain  the bag of coal.  The screaming man is an old image I think I bought back in 1999, for UKS – I used it a lot when I wrote the Scrap Musings.  Always liked it and the images are VERY large and thus high quality – I saw no reason they wouldn’t work as “digital stamps” but they seem to have disappeared from the site where I bought them.  The tech support team in on the case.  This guy is def. my favourite but there were a few others I quite liked as well.  We’ll see if they find them.

The other images are dingbats – the Bag o’ Coal and the little boy catching snowflakes are from David Wilson fonts from 2 Peas – shame they won’t be available anymore.  The snowman is built from white cardstock circles, and the face is a bit of a pumpkin carving font, some black dots and a clip art carrot.  The grasping arm is a bit of a Stampotique stamp.  I think he looks suitably scary, don’t you?


You can’t see the Diamond Dust snow very well but it’s there – might punch some tiny white snowflakes as well.

Now last week got away from me – I was busy on Weds. with DD all day, and it was Sunday morning before I realized I never got to even one desk last week.  Oh the SHAME of it all – I am thinking (although Weds. is still skating day AND we have haircuts booked AND DD is home with me all day and craves girlie time when that happens) I may try and see if for once I can visit every blog on the list.  I won’t say comment cause some people only allow comments from Google accounts and some just will not accept my input for some unknown reason. But my plan is to visit everyone.  Never done it before and it’s time I made the effort – if for no other reason than to make up for my poor showing last week!

So, see you round yours in a bit…but if I see Christmas cards …..


(update: PHEW! visited every desk and only found 3 or so that only allowed Google comments so I couldn’t say how much I like what I saw – that was a challenge but glad I managed it at least ONCE!!)