What else I did with my printables

I did say I wanted to have a go at the printables used in other ways – so I had a go. I don’t think they are going to win any prizes but I like them well enough. If I printed the sheet and only used one or two of them, then I could use the other ones for something useful.

The ATC is just because I am always moaning about people who get started on Christmas when the weather is as hot as it is now (I exempt those Down Under, as Christmas IS Summertime, I think, if my years of watching Home & Away serve me well LOL!) and yes I KNOW I have been making calendars already, but I have been dying to use this little dingbat guy for AGES and he just seemed to glower and mutter Bah Humbug! to me so what could I do but


The clear granules are actually Diamond Dust and not unheated embossing powder, just in case you wondered.

I had the rest of the cut cards scattered across my desk, all overlapping, and this colour combo just called out to me.  Simple enough, and the cards work well on this 5 x 5 card, I think. Again, nothing to write home about, but if yo need a card quick, you can’t really get too much quicker than this


Care to bet on another catastrophic WOYWW post tomorrow?  If the glimpse behind the card to my desk is any indication (and of course I can see the whole appalling mess from my viewpoint) that is a bet I would take if I were you – but then I MAY just surprise you and tidy up…who knows?