Funky filler cards for Project Life

Did you miss me?  I’ve been very good about blogging every day but yesterday I had a very very (all too rare) family day off at Earl’s Court for the Hyper Japan show.  Regardless of what *I* thought, the important thing is DD had a GREAT time.

I have been trying to learn a few new skills and that informs the designs for my printables today.  I am playing with blending and colour adjustments and all manner of things I have never tried before.  I’ll let the download statistics tell me if they are a success or simply too OUT THERE for most people.  There are two downloads.  The first has all of these cards.  funky

Oddly, for me anyway, they are PURE FILLER cards – no text, nothing, just pattern and colour.  Grab them here.

Just because they are filler cards doesn’t mean they are one-use only.  The can be cut, for example, to make tabs or photo adornments.


Just a few of the tools you can use.  And they look quite cute cut like that


The really shaped ones, stuck back to back on the edge of a page, would make quite colourful tabs – I don’t have a tab punch but would 3 x 4 be enough to punch one?  Do tell….

There is another set here.  I split them because I guess I thought people might like the first set a lot more than this one – it’s a bit different, and perhaps not something that would work with a huge number of other printables, I just don’t know.  But I thought it best not to force you to take THIS set if you liked and wanted the OTHER one by bundling them into one PDF.


I really like the base pattern and the colour play came up with what I think are some pretty nifty alternative versions.


I figured since I made them I would share them.  But I’d be curious to hear if this sort of thing appeals to you or not.

In any case I did learn quite a lot in the process so for me it was a WIN, even if no one but me actually likes them.  Personally I think they would look very cool as fabric, but that is a play for when I am sewing obsessed.  And I might have a go at some sort of card using them, not sure – either that or ATCs. I still have that pile of Creative Palette prints kicking around on my desk so that might prompt an ATC making day – but I really, really, need to swap them if I make them.  I am SO BAD at that.  Off to check out the ATC Trail thread on UKS…