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Lots o’ labels – for Project Life…or not.

Again, a UKS member asked and I took up the challenge.  ChelleBelle wanted labels, and lots of them.  She showed a sample of the kind of thing she had in mind, but I really wanted to try to come up with some shapes that were more unique rather than just copy what else was already out there.

These are the ones I made – the first group I call Corner Adorners cause (well DUH!) the fit the corners.  I almost just added the larger ones (that I see as working on 4 x 6 photos, or even filler cards, so long as the pattern and shape works) but then I thought I would make it easier, and I made a second page to the PDF that has the larger ones printed two to a page, to reduce them in size.  You can opt to print just one of the pages, in your print dialog box:


How can you use them?  Well, lots of different ways!  Some (but not all) can be used on more than one corner and still “read” right. The small ones work equally well on the 4×6 photos and the 3×4 ones.

The triangles can also be added on the side of a photo, not just in the corner. As you can see, depending on the photo, the large corners CAN work on the smaller 3×4 size.

The other set is small labels – I did a page of plain filled-with-white ones as well as filled-with-a-grid ones, and a page of the smaller sized ones for a 3 page PDF.


That shows you the overall shapes.And again you can use them in many different ways – here are a few ideas shown in the different sizes.  You can add a stamped image, your own printed text, handwritten journaling or tiny embellishments to the open areas. And some of them could be cut for a smaller or different shape – like the round-y rectangles could be cut in half, lengthwise or crosswise, and the box-with half-circle could be cut into a box and a half-circle.

You get the idea.  I am working on a set that is more strips, but I don’t know there is the scope to do anything unusual, IYKWIM.  Rounded sides, arrow points, flag/banner notches…they have all been done 100 times before.  Still, I’ll carry on.

These are, over all, slightly leaning towards pastel rather than super intense.  The labels are brighter than the corners.  But if there is a colourway you are dying for  you can always comment and if I have time, I may just create them to your spec.

Keep in mind they can all be tarted up by Distress inking the edges, for example, or dragging a Copic or other marker along the edges.  I didn’t do any dotted or dashed lines, especially for the corners, so rounding them wasn’t going to be a problem.

And They obviously work for photos on layouts too, and might even, with a little creativity, work on a card –
As ever if you download them I would love feedback, and LOVE to see a sample of them in use.

Have fun!