What is on my desk is still the debris from my experiments with the Stampendous Creative Palette – a version of a gelatine plate.  Read back to yesterday for the whole sordid story.


The only real item of interest is the bits that show you I not only cut the palette up into smaller pieces, I also die cut it with a Sizzix die (just the scraps leftover from the useful sizes.)


It worked perfectly – shame the palette itself was such a disappointment after the Gelli plate!

Off to skating with DD – lovely once again to have an hour or so in the chilly rink as it is meant to be another hot one here today!

Stay cool and have a happy WOYWW day!


13 thoughts on “WOYWW 268

  1. I have heard of the Creative Palette before but thank goodness it was after I had invested in three different sizes of Gelli plate.
    Gelli plate do a round one but I have never seen it avialble in the UK.
    Thanks for spending time to test the Palette, very informative.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x # 44

  2. I haven’t even heard of the Stampendous version of the gelli plate before. I’m definitely going to have to check out your previous post even though I’m not interested in the either. It is good info to know! I’m glad you were able to salvage it and come up with something to do with it. Good thing we’re crafty folks! Judy #71

  3. Hi MaryAnne,

    On to read your other post. I’ve seen what others do with gelli plates and I keep telling myself “NO.” I have too many crafty goodness that I’m not using to add any more to the stash. Speaking of which, I’m still unpacking and finding goodies.

    The heart and oval look great though.

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (65)

  4. It did occur to me that you might try sanding one of the offcuts of the rubbish gelli to see if that would make it give up it’s ink and paint better….but really, it shouldn’t be necessary! Meantime, I think lets hear it for the original dies that Sizzix are calling BIgz or some such, I’m still very fond of all of mine because of their depths! And PS – an hour in an ice thanks!

  5. Just read your previous post – I have only ever come across the original Gelli plate and I love it. Hope you manage to salvage a fair bit from all the experiments you did – some of them look like they have great potential. Hope you have a good week,
    Diana #42

  6. Morning MaryAnne! Thanks for the heads up about the other gelli plate though I doubt I would be tempted as I haven’t had mine out for a year!! I had to chuckle though, you are probably the only person who would be think of cutting it up!! Your mind is waaaay too far experimental but we love you for it – as you say, you work it out so we don’t have to! Have a good Weds!! Cindy

  7. Well I had to read the other post after this one didn’t i !!!!!
    Thank you for doing the review as I had thought about the other one as it’s a bit cheaper just like you had …. I love my Gelli plate I must say
    Jackie 24

  8. Pitty you could not test run before you bought. #21

  9. Hi Mary Anne, oh wow – it was a great idea to cut the plate into shapes….mmmm…but I read the last post…I have some dies I’m not happy with..need to test run them before we buy. Anyway Happy WOYWW experiment some more Cheers RobynO#22

  10. just read the other post… when we watched the lady demo it at Newbury, she made it look so easy and just like a Gelli plate… hey ho!! we live and learn. Enjoy your Wednesday, not sure staying cool is going to happen…. Helen 6 xx

  11. Never seen a gelli plate and wouldnt know how it works, have too much junk already to deal with lol
    Bridget #3

  12. Hi MA
    I didn’t think it would be long before someone else made a gelli plate … I will read your other post later not good eh? But to cut it up ….. Mmm not sure, that said a round one would be interesting
    Have a good week
    Janet @13

  13. ah Maryanne just back from reading post below .. very interesting experiment indeedy.. put it down to experience I guess!! happy WOYWW 😀 Shaz in Oz.x #8

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