Stampendous or Gelli? Monoprint plate comparison


This product was NOT provided to me to review – I bought it with my own hard earned £s.  Not that that fact would matter to any review, but I would have been happier if I hadn’t paid for it LOL!

I was quite excited when I saw there was another “gelatine” plate on the market!  It was a bit cheaper than the Gelli plate, and thinner.  It was the thinner that really got me excited.  Cause I was hankering after a round plate, and then after the smaller sized ones, and I immediately thought I can cut that! And indeed I could.  And did.


I started by cutting some paper shapes to check the size, although in the end I got more than my first plan.  I got:

  • one  6  x  4
  • one  5 1/4-ish round
  • one  4  x  4
  • one  2 3/4  x  3 3/4

And looking at the scraps I had left I thought What the heck? and cut a large heart, a 1 inch circle and a slightly bigger than 1 1/2 inch circle using one of the Sizzix thick dies.  Yep. You heard me.  I die cut my Creative Palette.  And this was all before I used it for the first time.  Evidence, you ask?


This was all before I used it, cause, you see, I expected that it would work pretty much EXACTLY like the Gelli Plate.  Ha   HA   HA. The joke was on me.

Excited to have a play, I pulled a print.  I was using the Basics paint, so slightly better quality acrylic.


What? That was a simple print – bubble wrap that had a bit of purple on it, pressed to the plate.  OK so I tried the cheap craft paint, lighter body, not so quick to dry.  Better.


OK so then I tried the craft paint and tried to pull a print thru a stencil.  WTF?!


This was NOT going as I expected.  I hopped over to You Tube to see what sort of demo videos I would find.  Found this one. What was obvious was that the techniques shown did NOT include many of the ones I love with the Gelli Plate.  So I carried on experimenting.  I tried the small shapes.  Added the paint, laid on the stencil, brayered off the paint (tried to)


Then printed with them.


Not very crisp, but possibly with some work it could be OK.

I grabbed one of my home made foam stamps and tried lifting off the paint with that – again, I’ve done this 1000s of time on the Gelli, but….


DOH!  To be fair it is hot here, but the paint dried so quickly and the plate gripped the paper so strong it tore it.

The video shows slow-drying medium, which I don’t have, but I certainly have used Glaze medium to increase the open time of paint so I gave THAT a try:




I had plenty of dried paint on the various plates so I grabbed my packing tape and …


DOUBLE DOH!  I know that is hard to see but at the top left you can just about see the yellow smudge and you can clearly see the plate is still loaded with paint.

I had a look at the packaging and saw mention made that spritzing the paint with water would allow you to pull further prints.  I first tried the stencil again, this time doing the normal process – paint on plate, stencil over, thinner (printer) paper over to pull thru but gave it a bit of welly, as they say:


Then I rubbed really quite hard with my thumbnail, really pressing into the paper –  I almost embossed it, I was rubbing so hard!


And that gave me an almost acceptable print:


I then tried the water spritz, which improved things a lot – first pulling thru the stencil and then printing with the stencil removed:



Just for comparison, I grabbed my 6 x 6 Gelli plate and tried the same, with Basics paint as well – just to be fair, cause if it was the heat of the day that was causing the problem that would matter:  Nope.  Gelli plate pulled thru the stencil just fine


and the second pull was just as dark


What have I concluded?  If you want a Gelli Plate, get a GELLI PLATE.  While I have no doubt with a little practice, and more experimentation I can make these plates work in some way, I think the unpredictability of them will make for a frustrating printing session.  I would perhaps pull the paper away more with dread than anticipation! Perhaps if I scale back my expectations I might be OK with it, but is that really what you want to do when being arty?  Expect less so you aren’t disappointed?

Why does this plate perform this way?  It FEELS different.  The surface is …firmer, I guess, and it doesn’t have nearly the give in it the Gelli plate does.  The thinness of it might be nice on one hand, but it works against it on another – when you press the paper to it you don’t feel that sense of yielding like you do with the Gelli.  I don’t think the recipe can be the same either, and I think that has to be the core reason why this was such a disappointment – it just doesn’t react with the paint the same way.   I had a lot of ideas for experimentation but the reality of it is that (as is so often the case) I, as a consumer, was lured initially by the slightly lower cost (I’ve seen them as low as about £14 ) initially, but seriously seduced by the thought I could chop it up.  In all other aspects I EXPECTED it to work just like my Gelli Plate did – and it didn’t.

So, to add to the I make the mistakes so you don’t have to …. list, I’ve tried the Creative Palette so you don’t have to. But if you have, and had a better experience with yours, please, do share.

47 thoughts on “Stampendous or Gelli? Monoprint plate comparison

  1. It may be the same situation as with the Speedball plate. Any attempts to use it with acrylics are horrible. But it works reasonably well with Speedball’s print inks. It is also thinner and firmer than the Gelli. Because I teach mono printing with the plates, it has been important for me to testing explore all variations of all products. After 5 years, I’m well into my fifth ream of paper. I totally agree with your conclusion: if you want a GelliArts plate, buy one. incidentally, the GelPress plates are indistinguishable , but customer service, if you need it, is much better with GelliArts.

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  4. Just tried one of these with terrible results. Don’t waste your money, the paper stuck and now i CAN’T get the paint off.

  5. Thank you for this review, I’ve just booked a class using a gelli plate to print fabric samples. While searching for the best prices I came across this alternative and decided to research it first. Thankfully I came across your review, you’re a life saver I will just shell out for an original gelli plate and not waste the penny’s on the cheaper version. Once again many thanks.

  6. Thanks ever so much for your thorough review! You’ve saved me time, money and heartache!

    • I am delighted that someone saw the review BEFORE they bought. If you look back, mostly it is people saying I wish I had seen this before… 🙂

      I guess there must be a huge pile of stock that has to be shifted…..buyer beware!

  7. I really wish I had found this post last week BEFORE I spent my hard-earned money on the Creative Palette plate which gave me exactly the same disappointing & frustrating experience.

    • Yep, sorry it happened to you too. It was a massive disappointment and judging by the other comments pretty much every person who finally stumbled on this post agrees. I guess I’m surprised they are still on sale. It kind of makes me want to drag the darn thing out and try again, just to see if I can make it useful in any way.

      Take it back and complain, while you still can!

  8. Very interesting review. Im glad my hubby bought me a real one it works beautifully?

  9. Wow, can’t believe I’ve just found this, I just thought I was useless ! I have had bad experiences since I bought it and put it in a drawer never to be seen again. Watching some amazing packing tape tutorials last night I thought I’d dig it out again, made a fab background, let it dry ( took ages) stamped over it, by this time I was so excited. Got out my packing tape…….nothing, nada ! I am so disappointed, what a waste of an afternoon and loads of expensive paint. Off to buy a Gelli Plate ….thank you, you have restored my faith in me ! X

    • Sucks, doesn’t it? I saw so many segments on shopping channel shows or demos at stamp shows that lead me to believe that it would work just as well as the Gelli plate. HA! I only wish you had seen this BEFORE you bought. Sorry you doubted yourself! There have been so many time I thought it was ME and it was the product I now assume it is THEM and that I am fine…. 😀

      • Ugh it’s 2020 and this is still valid. I got mine on sale a few years ago thinking “oh wow, an affordable gelli plate!” NOPE. I had the same issues with paper ripping/sticking and poor prints. Thought it was me plus too much cheap paint but now I know better! I will be investing in the original ASAP.

  10. I wish I had seen your review/blog before I ordered my Creative Palette!!! I love my 6X6 Gelli….but was trying to save some $$ by getting the larger size in the Creative Palette. Today I used it for the first time and got horrible, horrible results…couldn’t do any of the things I do on my Gelli! Live and learn!!! Thanks again for sharing!!

  11. Thanks for the review! I found the Creative Pallette on clearance at a local craft store – I was sooooo excited… until I tried it. So disappointed – I should have searched reviews, but that’s what happens when you hit the clearance section – impulse buy!

    • The whole point of the CP for me was being able to cut it up. I loved the Gelli® plate SO MUCH that I wanted the smaller shaped versions, but the cost in the UK was more than I wanted to pay. The thing is, I DID look for reviews. And looked at demo videos, and I might have even watched someone present it on a TV craft show, maybe. And they ALL glossed over the issues, or made light of the need to follow some very specific guidelines in order to get a good print. The Gelli® is forgiving, you can get a decent print while making errors, and a great print with a little thought. With the CP it felt like I was fighting a battle to get something decent. I couldn’t even seem to develop any “rules” for what worked – but had a long list of things that didn’t! No packing tape. No clean print THRU a stencil. No clean layering – the first layer might work but it was a risk to that decent print try to layer more interesting stuff over it.

      I may have to try it again, at some point, just cause I had a few ideas I wanted to try, but it is NEVER going to be a perfect substitute for the real Gelli® – and I guess there is a reason why it was on clearance….

      Sorry for your wasted money. That’s why, when I review something I can be harsh. If the thing sucks, I’m going to say so. But, as ever, YMMV….

  12. I bought the Creative Palette several years ago, couldn’t find the Gelli plate. Results weren’t always great but I thought that was “me” doing something wrong..sigh Just recently tried the transparent tape technique. NO!! It doesn’t not work on this palette. Days of cleaning, picking, scrubbing. Went looking for a review…well after the fact now but at least I know it was the product 🙂

  13. I have looked at this twice at the store and each time put it back! SO glad that I searched for a review. I won’t waste my money–maybe I will buy a gelli plate instead. Or I did buy the ingredients to make a homemade one, so may give that a whirl first. We’ll see!

  14. Standing here with the Creative Palette in my shopping cart. Checking for reviews and found yours. Even with my 40% off coupon, out of the cart it goes…

  15. I can only add my thanks, you saved me an awful lot of bother, thanks a million

  16. Thanks for this! I tried this plate as an option to the GelliArts plate and could not believe how awful it is. I had the exact same experience and could not do a fraction of the cool things that I do with the GelliArts plate. It is not worth the money or the frustration.

    • What I don’t understand is when I see it demoed the people seem to get a decent print off it. I could barely manage anything usable – the prints I pulled using a chunk of Fun Foam as a Gelli Plate “substitute” (and I use that very loosely LOL!) were better and more usable than the ones off the CP. I really do need to return to this one day soon and work out some way to get something that isn’t a completely random success on the odd occasion it happens, some element of control that is reliable…

      But yes, not worth the money at all. Oh well, live and learn. Me spending £20 maybe saved 10people from wasting their money so cold comfort, but SOME comfort anyway. 😀


  17. Just bought this one yesterday. They only had one to choose from at my local store. So nice to have an honest review. It isgood to be aware of possible outcomes, before I start. I don’t have the other plate, so your samples look like great backgrounds to me. I love that you cut the plate up too. Genius. I have, as some of the above ladies tried different things. The home made was a disaster. And not a cheap disaster either. I used gelatin, rubbing alcohol and a recipe from online ‘success stories” LOL. If anyone is interested you can read about that ‘nailed it’ moment here.

    • I use a jo e made one all the time. Gelatine, glycerine and water. It’s not as tough as a gelli but it pulls great prints and the glycerine stops it going off. When it gets chipped you can jest remelt in the microwave and leave to set overnight. I have 3 plates for £10 so while one is resetting another is usable. Not as good as a gelli but about £60 cheaper!

  18. Thank you for the comparison. Unfortunately, I found it too late and had already bought a creative palette. I wanted to try the packing tape method, it just didn’t work, no matter haw much I burnished down the packing tape. I’ m so disappointed, I spent a long time on it and have nothing to show for the effort. Crafting time is precious, I don’t get much opportunity. Thank you again, at least I know it’s not something I’m doing wrong and on the plus side I have got a round gelli plate and I have managed to pull a few nice prints from it.

  19. I just got the Creative Pallette and have had no issues whatsoever with paper sticking to it. I didn’t use any kind of lubricant either. Stencils worked fine too. I haven’t yet tried pulling paint away with a rubber stamp, but when I do, I’ll let you know. I haven’t tried the Gelli Plate, so I can’t compare but so far, I’m not disappointed with the Creative Pallette (which I bought as it was the only one available at the online store I was purchasing other goodies from and therefore was easier to get at the time)

    • Interesting. I HAVE used the Gelli plate, extensively, and there is simply no comparison to the prints. The gelli plate is FAR superior in the quality and crispness of the prints. If you have a blog I would LOVE to see photo of your prints – it feels like I should set them up side by side and try my best to pull “the same” print from each to show the difference! Once I get done with my massive clear out that should be top of my list 🙂

      Thanks for commenting – maybe I need to give is a second chance….



  20. I am a Gelli plate addict, so I read your review with great intreast after watching them demo the Creative Pallete on C&C the other day. I must admit I did wonder why the demonstrator used hand sanitiser gel with every application of ink??? Now I understand, you need it as a lubrication as the plate is too dry. They did mention you could use paint with it but didn’t demo it, now I can see why! Such a shame it just doesn’t do the job it should, especially as it’s not exactly cheap. Thank you for trying it for us, I would defiantly recommend the Gelli plate proper, it’s great fun and you get amazing results. If you do want to make a perminent home made Gelli plate you can do it by adding alcohol to the water, the Frugal Crafter has a You Tube video to show you how. Great if you want to have a go but not sure if it’s your thing, then if you use it a lot treat yourself to a real one.

  21. There is also another one called The Ultimate Ref Rubber Palette from Not sure how good it may be. I love my gelli plate.

  22. That was quite the thorough review. So sad to see it that failed so miserably. I thought you had cut up the new plate after all the disasters as a way to salvage it, but now I see that isn’t so.

  23. Wow. I can definitely see the difference using the “Gelli Plate” and the new thing. I quite like the look of the prints. Is the benefit of Gelli printing that you can make several of the same background? I guess I need to do research (uh oh) on gelli plating……

    Thanks for the review! Coming by from WOYWW
    Peace, Kay

  24. Mahalo for the info!! I love my gelli & just received a round & small one as gifts…fun fun fun! Your blog is great….tutorials, printables, art info, plus your awesome humor!

    Sent from my iPad


  25. Maryanne, as usual, you’re a white knightess! Good to know that the real thing is really worth it, as I now have ALL of them except the circle one, LOL. (Asked for them for birthday and Christmas and Mom’s Day – the circle is next!) But, what to do with what you’ve got there? My first thought: maybe they act better with inks, the dreaded thing we are not supposed to use on Gelli, that you in fact have used anyway, LOL. Maybe the imposters will make really good silhouette stamps? Oh and BRAVO for diecutting the circle one. I love how you think, woman! xoxo

  26. I had the same thought as you. Take the cheaper plate and cut it up. Glad I haven’t invested in it. Great review. thanks as always for sharing.

  27. It goes to show that the stampendous one is cheap and non co-operative, this is always the same when others try and jump in on the market and many people are going to be dissapointed. thanks for sharing all of this as I have a friend that has ordered on and is waiting for it to roll up. She didn’t want to pay the full price of the normal Gelli. Ah time will see I suppose and for some the budget is really important. I am sure you will keep at the trials and tribulations of the s/gelli and I will stay tuned like always.

    Hugs Eliza

  28. Well who knew. And how much time and effort have you saved A LOT of people. Crikey. having said that, I’m sorry its a dud..a cuttable one makes a lorra sense huh. I wonder if perhaps you ought to draw your review to Fran Seaford’s attention?

  29. Thank you a million times for this review. I have been wanting to cut one up myself and I am so glad you did this review. In fact, when you started it and mentioned that there was a less, thinner alternative out there the first thought I had was, “Yay! Now I can get a cheaper, thinner version and cut my shapes & sizes to suit myself!” Thank you so much for all of the thought, work and $’s you put into this review. I feel like I should send you a donation just for saving me so much money on purchasing my own! 🙂 Jill Holmes

  30. That sucks you spent money on a product you don’t like 😦 I hate when that happens

  31. thank you so much for sharing your experience. What a cool idea to cut the plate!
    I find a home made plate is a good and inexpensive alternative, gives excellent prints (I love it for the wetness) but it is very uncomfy and I LOVE the gelli plate to be taken out and used at any time. Anyway I’ll try to pour the home made into other shapes, thanks for the inspiration!!!

  32. Well that was interesting to say the least!! Thanks for the blow by blow account of how it does and does not perform. It was entertaining seeing the results,,,,eeekkks and an assorted level of omg’s were heard from the peanut gallery here,,,,,too bad you had to spend your cold, hard cash so again thanks for saving me my cold, hard cash…………

  33. Thank you for doing this test – it certainly saved me alot of grieve becasue had I known about the other cheaper gel plates I would purchased them. I love the gelli plate I have and I want to add some different sizes – thanks for the testing…. I wonder how the home made gelli plates compare.

    • The home made gelly plates are water soluble, meaning they will get melty when wet. I tried to clean one in the sink and it just melted. It slipped out of my hands and slithered down the drain. I was using old paints and one of them was rancid and smelled awful and was an awful consistancy. You need dryer paints with it or it will get melty from the fluids. I am glad that I made a double recipe and was able to cut it in half before I started. I used an 11×14 frame.

  34. Who knew? Really glad there was only one choice when I bought my plate as I probably would have gone with the cheaper alternative. Clearly I would have been disappointed. Thanks for your usual in depth assessment.

  35. Excellent review. Thank you.

  36. Thank you thank you thank you for going through the pain and suffering and sharing this! I’ve wondered myself what the difference between these is as I really would like to get one. I SO APPRECIATE this review!

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