A different sort of crochet bracelet – Cloud knot

Firstly, apologies to my followers – I stupidly had a spelling error in the title of yesterdays post.  I corrected it, and the slug (the thing that is made up of the title of your blog post and creates the URL link, more or less, ) but that happened seconds after the post went live.  And in computer terms “seconds” might well be YEARS.  The email to followers had been sent, but when you clicked the link  it would have taken you nowhere.  I figured if you saw the email and the synopsis was of interest, you’d have been able to get there eventually.  In future I’ll first be more careful about spelling in the title or if I edit the title, I won’t edit the slug.  I did at least two monumentally stupid things yesterday and this wasn’t the stupidest, I assure you.

There will be a few links in here, tracing my meander across the internet and how this came about.  First the bracelet:


This is made from a crochet i-cord in two colours.  The “clasp is a button and loop.


The sizing is easier with a single colour.  What I would suggest is you crochet the i-cord as long as you need – and this one for this knot was about 20 inches – then pull a scrap of yarn of another colour thru the three loops on the hook.  Once the knot has been made, sew the loop on the beginning end then lay it over your wrist to get the size right.  Just unravel the end of the cord then pull the tail thru and weave in the ends to finish it off and sew on the button. Start off with about 16 inches for a very fine wrist or maybe 18 for a larger wrist, then try the knot and see how close you are.  Mine was about 20 inches and I did have to unravel an inch or so.

Now the links.  I saw this bracelet using a KNITTED i-Cord and I thought it was cute.

So I went looking for a crochet i-cord.

And I found THIS.  But OMG – I am completely incapable of the whole drop-two-loops-but-hold-on-to-them part. She is clearly more adept than I am or has younger, nimbler fingers!  I kept losing one and then it would unravel and trying to pick the stitches up again was doing my head in.  Sure, I could have found however many double-pointed needles (three or four, I forget) I would need and KNIT the i-cord but that’s not what I wanted.   After fighting with it for far too long I took a step back and thought how I could keep track of those loops and my sanity.  The double-pointed needle was the key.

This does make a slightly looser cord, but if you can manage to use a smaller hook than the yarn actually requires and make sure you tighten up the tail when the two loops are on the needle, it’s tight enough.

Start the crochet as she says, Chain 3 then pull up a loop in each of the first 2 chains – 3 loops on the hook.


Her instructions say “drop the first two loops but hold on to them”  – yeah, right.  If you can manage that it’s a lot easier!

What I did was slip the double-pointed needle (or a short, thin knitting needle, the double-pointedness doesn’t really matter) into the first two loops and scoot them off the hook.  I found I could hold both the yarn and the needle like so:


The first stitch is to chain in the loop on the hook.


I did that behind the needle.  Make sure you tighten the tail so the loops on the hook are SNUG but not massively tight.


The next step is to chain in each of the other two loops.  She slips them BACK onto the hook but I found it easier and faster to slip the hook into the stitch on the needle, BEHIND the needle, then work the chain and THEN slip it off.


and then repeat with the final loop


The slip off the first two loops and repeat until the i-cord is as long as you need it to be!



You can see it looks just like a knitted i-cord, if ever so slightly looser.  Maybe.  I didn’t knit one for comparison as that would have required me finding MORE double-pointed needles!

And funnily enough when I was writing this, in going back to look for the link to the crochet i-cord so I could add it,  I found ANOTHER link that does almost exactly the same thing I show here! So not a new idea.  She does slip the loops back on to the hook the do the chain, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same thing.  Nothing new under the sun….

While I liked the original knot, the cord I made was pretty long so I went looking for other sorts of knots.  And I found this one, which is cute and slightly more complex.  And THAT is the knot I used.  Because it is from a single cord and not two, there isn’t the double side strands like the original one I saw – it’s a thinner bracelet and doesn’t need to be tied on.  Pulling it on and off that way stretches the yarn too much, I think.  And overall this knot seems flatter on the wrist.  I am dying to try it with the smooth, slightly shiny WI yarn – I think I have soft and cuddly but they also have a soft and shiny (?) version that I didn’t buy.  Have to check my stash and see if I have something similar, or get some, cause the less wooly, smoother yarn might make for a better (and certainly more summery) end product!

How’s that for a meander across the net? Pulling together knowledge from various crafters to create something inspired by them all, but at the same time, new.  MAYBE.  Who knows,  if I took more time to look, that I wouldn’t find someone else out there who did EXACTLY the same thing?