English speakers look away! French and Spanish 2015 Project Life calendar cards


This started as a bit of an experiment.  In the past I have done Spanish calendars and they were popular.  As I had a flurry of visits from France, I though I might as well go ahead and do a French one too.  The major thing is that if what I see online is to be believed both commonly  use the Monday to Sunday format.  As I had taken the time to do both this year, it seemed an easy thing.  The real issue turned out to be the DAY abbreviations!  I found a LOT of variation.  For the formatting, it is far easier to standardize the day abbreviations and that SEEMS to be acceptable but it is hard to know.

I used slightly different fonts.  The French one is Fontleroy Brown and the Spanish one is Sevillana – why?  they FEEL right, but then what do I know?  At the end of the day, they look good to me so there you go.

I will be very interested in any feedback from native French or Spanish speakers – how wrong did I get it?  It’ll all feed into my future calendars so if you like them and use them, take a moment to let me know.  If I got it horribly wrong tell me that too!


The FRENCH version is here.

The SPANISH version is here.

Now, that really MUST be the end of calendars for a bit.  Much as I love the process and designing them, it’s just time to get obsessed with something new, for a while….. {wink}

10 thoughts on “English speakers look away! French and Spanish 2015 Project Life calendar cards

  1. Thanks a lot for your calendar in French it will help me a lot. He is perfect without mistakes on abbreviation, well done 😉

  2. French calendar was really helpful
    Thank you

  3. Thanks. Happy New Year 2015.

  4. Lindo!

  5. Thank you so much for the Spanish version of the calenders! Christmas presents here we come! I don’t do PL but I can make nice calenders for my friends (I live in Spain)

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  7. Merci beaucoup ! Thank you so much! What a great job! This 2015 calendar in French is much appreciated and perfect for next year Project Life. This will be the first time I’ll use a calendar in French in my PL (2015 is the 4th year I’ll be doing PL). 🙂

  8. wow merc!!!!i Im so happy in french

  9. un grand merci pour ce calendrier français !!!! il est magnifique !!!! merci

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