WOYWW 267 – such a hypocrite!

Yep.  I admit it.  I am a total hypocrite.  I moan and moan at people on WOYWW who are working on Christmas projects and cards and yet I have been consumed with 2015 CALENDARS for the last couple of weeks.  Shocking.  I hang my head in shame.  I had a plan of a little trick to share and it wasn’t until I went looking for OTHER 2015 printables that I realized that no one else is doing freebies this far in advance!  Yet I know from requests behind the scenes or in comments people DO want to start working on these NOW – quite possibly the SAME PEOPLE who are making their cards in July LOL!

So what is on my desk is a mess from making CD calendars, and photo cubes and then photo cubes with added CD calendar printables, and then photo cubes with added tear-off calendars.  DOH!


I was playing around with the idea that you could turn any set of Project Life printable calendar cards into a reasonable tear-off calendar by printing multiple pages on a single sheet.  So I turned my own printables into a tear off.


No, it’s not as cheap (in TIME for sure or COST, if you print colourful ones like mine) as buying a bag full of tear-off calendars from Hobby Craft, but you have to admit these are a lot cuter….


And all I had to do to sort it was change a few settings in my printer menu:


The size of them will differ, depending on whether you AUTO ROTATE or not.


See the difference?


But could I find a free 2015 calendar printable sized for Project Life to test out?  Could I heck! The only pitfall I can see in advance is that not everyone makes their printables as multi-page PDFs.  Many of the old ones I did find are offered for download 6 months per PDF.  That means you may have to print at least two (two 6-month groups per sheet) to et the size small enough – unless you have a Mac and can merge multiple 1-page PDFs into a one multi-page PDF.

So there you go.  When (if) you DO eventually decide on a project that needs a tear-off calendar, maybe you’ll remember this and give it a go – and MAYBE by then there will be a few more options for 2015, and I’ll revisit the idea and share samples using other printables.  I hate saying This’ll work till I can test it but I’m not so wasteful as to test it with useless, expiring calendars {wink}

It’s meant to be quite warm today so I’ll be looking forward to an hour or two at the ice rink with DD.  Last day of college for her and the long summer ahead.  Will we be fewer on the Mr Linky list as the days get hotter and the lure of a holiday away, near the sea grows? I wonder…

Happy WOYWW all!