Manly Photo Cube and 2015 tear-off calendar printables


Last week I used some grid/graph paper to make a card.  As the tablet was still kicking around on my desk, I thought I might use it to make a “manly” photo cube.  I don’t know about the men in your life, but the men in MINE have one rule – nothing too frilly, flowery or indeed colourful when it comes to gifts for them.  They are both sort of OK with a colourful CARD, I just know not to expect them to display it anyplace public (like DH and his desk, or DS in his apartment anywhere really) so they look then leave it at home where *I* can display it if I like.

The problem with grid/graph paper, or at least with what I have on hand, is it’s in a tablet with holes  for a ring binder.  That makes it less than the required 8 inches.  But you can overcome that.  And grid paper is manly, right? I made my cube using two different types of graph paper – just for a little more interest.


It’s all about the position of the ring-binder holes.  Start by folding the paper in half, matching the holes – this is fine because you are going to make that fold anyway when folding the cube sides.  Lucky, that.


Cut the sheet to 4 inches. This will position the holes just right on that side.


Depending on your paper, and mine is an A4 UK tablet, square off the sheet by trimming to 8 inches on the other side.


Now to fold.  Go back to the post with the basic instructions for the photo cube.  When you come to the fold that brings the sides in, make sure the holes are  positioned like this:


When you fold the side, the holes are going to be hidden.


For a cube made from 8 inch squares, you need a 4 inch (with a smidge trimmed off) insert for each side (unless you add the base side with the insert side facing inward, to give a flatter base) and 12  hinges that are 2 7/8 inch square, scored and folded on the diagonal.

Obviously this size cube is WAY too small for the CD calendar inserts.  But I made two sheets you can print, cut and use to create a tear-off calendar.  You can see how to do that in this (old) post.  To add that to one side just cut a 2 3/4  inch square of cardstock .  Stick the last page of the tear off completely to this.


Cut another piece of cardstock to 3 x just shy of 4 inches.  Stick the calendar piece JUST in a + in the centre.


Tuck the edges of the 3 x 4 piece into the corners, over the insert, but leave the corners of the calendar base ABOVE the cube side corners.  Like so:


Now the tear off sheets can be, well, torn off, of course, without disrupting the cube, and at the end of the year you can just take out the 3 x 4 inch piece and replace it with a new tear off for next year!

I used quite small photos, with just a dot of repositionable adhesive behind, to hold them in place, but allow for changing them as the mood, or newer photos strikes.


You can see it is smaller than the 6 inch CD calendar cube.

This is something I think DH would keep on his desk – no flowers, no swirly flourishes, no colourful papers.  The font isn’t Helvetica or Futura or Gill Sans, but it’s pretty plain.

Now I’ll have to be on the look-out for other grid papers! With the addition of the cardstock inserts and the hinges, even this thin paper makes for a solid and sturdy cube.  And costs pennies. Result!

I think most tear-off calendar printables tend to be more rectangular the square, so these may not suit everyone.  I went ahead and did the Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday versions – take your pick.  They end up as a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch square.




5 thoughts on “Manly Photo Cube and 2015 tear-off calendar printables

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  5. I am so glad to see someone else spread out across her desk with supplies!!! LOVE the look of your calendars!!!! I am surprised calendars aren’t out yet. If we wait until the end of the year there won’t be any time to make them up as gifts! Happy WOYWW! Angie #28

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