A few cube improvements

I was considering those corners on the large photo cube from yesterday and thought of a few small improvements that I think will make a big difference to the overall look and function.  See if you agree.

1. The photos might shift over time – as you turn the cube or handle it, the photos might shift slightly, because they are not big enough to be held in place by the fur corners.  Only two of them really fully engage the edges. Simple fix is a bit of repositionable adhesive on the back of the photo.  That will keep it in place but still let you change them.  A more complicated fit would be to mount the photo to another insert piece and slip that in, but that is harder to get in and out and a waste of cardstock.


2. The photos not fitting to perfection – remember that the 4×6 photos don’t completely fill the diamond?


A simple strip of a punched border (or even a strip of plain patterned paper or card ) about 1 1/2 inches by just shy of 6 inches will help fill the gap.



If you leave this loose it won’t affect the changing of the photos.  Again, you could add this over the photo,to another insert piece, but the full size insert IS harder to get in and out once the cube is stuck together!

3. The calendar could shift – a cardstock circle with a couple of pop dots added to the bottom will create a shelf to rest the calendar sheet on.


Just stick that to the insert at the bottom then allow the bottom edge of the calendar stack to sit on it.


When you stand the cube up in position, it’ll all get held in place.  You can add the punched borders as well, just be mindful not to cover any of the calendar!


Tomorrow I have another option, one perfect for a manly desk LOL!  I also created some sheets for tear-off calendars so I can show how those work with the cube.  It’s not quite done but turning out really cute so far.  All will be revealed – and after I triple-check the Sun to Sat and Mon to Sun calendar dates I’ll add the tear-off printables too! Then I can stop being obsessed with calendars AND cubes {wink}