Combining projects! Calendar Photo Cube


NOTE: Go forward to the next post to see a few small improvements!

I have a box that is full of old-style scrapbooking papers that I am 100% sure I will never use on a layout.  Back in the day I tended to buy not only a collection of papers, but multiples of them.  Whatever was I thinking?? These florals are never going to get used in any other way.


I still have a load of different sizes of photo cube sides on my desk, and my latest calendar printables, and this morning, the two things just sort of came together in a creative collision.

This will make a fairly large photo cube, six inches (nearly) per side, but the advantages outweigh that, for me.  What ARE the advantages? The biggest is it is easy to replace the photos and add the calendar pages – WAAAAY easier than the other version.

You can:

  • use  full 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbooking paper to fold the sides
  • use two 12 x 12 sheets of cardstock to cut all of the inserts
  • use two sheets of 12 x 12 cardstock to cut more than enough hinges (I’ve altered the size slightly and don’t see it makes the slightest difference)
  • use 4 x 6 photos, either orientation, and only need to trim off the barest sliver off one side to make them work
  • use any CD-sized calendar printable and turn it from a photo cube into a Calendar Photo Cube!

I am not going to re-do the folding process.  Pop back to this post to see all you need, including a link to a video if that is easier for your to learn from. From here on it’ll just be the differences between THAT and THIS.

You need:

  • 6 sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper.  Cardstock really is too thick.
  • 6 sheets of 6 x 6 cardstock (paper is really too thin) with a sliver trimmed off 2 adjacent sides
  • 12 4 x 4 inch squares
  • double-sided (paper-backed) adhesive

The only difference in the assembly is DON’T add the base/bottom with the diamond facing inward – assemble it with all the diamonds facing OUTWARD, including the base. Once you have folded and assembled the cube, you really need to only select your photos (five for a Photo Cube and four for a Calendar Photo Cube).  Portrait or landscape, both work – see how close they are to a perfect fit?



Just trim off the barest sliver.  Just enough for it to fit.  Because the photo does not totally fill the diamond, you can easily slide them in and out.  You do have to slightly bend the photo but nothing LIKE how you would have to in the more close-fitting version.




Because the inserts are plain cardstock (and mine are white but you could easily use coloured card to make a feature of those triangles) I don’t mind those bits.


The construction is just tight enough (unless you are tossing it around the room) for the photos to stay put. You can feel free to add a little stamped accent to fill the space (and I’d do all four so you don’t have to consider which side hold portrait and which hold landscape photos) or anything flat.  I don’t think I would try adding a flower or dimensional accent cause it’s just going to make getting the photos in and out harder.

If you print ANY CD case calendar printable, so long as you’ve printed a page and cut one to check the central design works once you slip it in, to turn it into a Calendar photo cube. Let me share my thoughts on this.  OK, sure, you could put two in each side (or three in four sides, or…whatever) but having more than one month on view is just confusing.  And putting a photo in the bottom side, the one it rests on, is a bit pointless – as soon as you rotate the cube to show that one, the other ones are going to be wonky.  SO, if you print and cut the calendar inserts, then group them six and six


you can put the first six months on one side


and the last six months on the bottom, hidden from view.


Then you can simply remove the month when it’s over and toss it in the bin – sort of a more sophisticated and pretty (and bigger) tear-off calendar!

OK, yes, like the photos the CD inserts don’t fit the diamond perfectly but this is function over form.  If they DID you would never be able to wedge six sheets in a side, nor pluck out and bin one when the month changes. I don’t think it looks bad this way but again, coloured cardstock or some decoration might look OK if it bothers you as it is.


Not something to make for every calendar person on your list, but the folding, once you’ve done it for one cube, becomes an almost Zen like process.  And I like the idea that you can change the photos at will and with ease.

For an easier and smaller one, use maybe 8 x 8 paper to start with and add the photos but stick on one of the small tear-off calendars on one side!



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