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Box book

Remember a few weeks back I was working on a mini made from a cardboard box? Well, I’m not done with it yet but am closing in on it!


I had planned on calling it Brother in a Box but I just could not shake the association in my head of “in the box” feeling like “in a casket” – bizarre, I know, but once something like that gets IN to my head I can’t get it out.  I still wanted the BOX part and had to go with what has to be the most OBVIOUS title, Jack in the Box.

I had been saving this cereal box, with the intention of covering it and using it as a min-book housing and here was the chance.


You can see the mini-book fits it perfectly.  I am also dithering about the title – on the book? on the BOX? on both? the SAME title on both??



I think it will have a button and loop closure – but not sorted that out either.  Love the paper – WRMK Nonsense.  Has to be one of my all time favourite paper pads ever.  So bold and colourful and playful, and a great mix of boyish and girlish colours, blues and greens and pinks and oranges, with yellow and white as well.  It’s yummy.

With luck I’ll finish it maybe over the weekend.  Sadly my crop has been cancelled (well, to be fair it was out of schedule due to the Newbury show last weekend, our usual slot) so I won’t be able to finish it there.  When at home, so many things just get in the way and keep me from focusing on a single task – which is why I have so many UFOs in my room. {wink}

Have a great weekend.  DD is due home this afternoon so it’ll be fun to have her back!  Of course that might ALSO keep me from finishing, but it’ll be worth it.