Card for a man – with that circle die


I figured that as I had made the topper anyway, I might as well finish it off as a card.  I thought it was if not actually masculine, then at least not feminine so I finished it as a card for a man.

I love grid paper, but am running very low on my stash of it.  I thought why not use actual grid paper?  It seems masculine, more so than dots or flowers for sure. So I used a pad of graph paper I have used for other sorts of projects, even layouts, but never on a card.

I wanted to easily fill the remaining Os, the ones I didn’t have a punch to fit, and the easiest way to do that, I thought, was to lightly pencil in the bottom curve of the die-cut circles then trim the edge and lay the die cut over it.  That filled the last few circles with very little effort.


It didn’t really need to be super neat except for the bit that filled in.  I just trimmed the grid paper to fit the card front.

Another thing I have been doing is when I cut an all over letter die (and it tends to be BLACK or WHITE 90 % of the time) I just stash the leftover letters in a little box.  Not surprisingly, as I was looking thru it for inspiration for text, I came across a fair few Xs – that gave me the idea to use varying sizes for what I think is a nice, but not gushing, sentiment with a bold and graphic look.


Funnily enough I recall doing a layout for a wedding photo for the cover os Scrapbook Inspirations many years ago – at the time, the then editor rejected it because she said XOXO was more American and Brits didn’t use that. Don’t know if that is true or not. In any case it’s the sentiment (stamped) that ties it all together.  Cut those letters on the Cricut cause I don’t have a die THAT big!


Pretty simple stuff and the idea of the graduated XOXOs and my love grows is one that has legs.  You could use it with lots of other designs and as it is so simple and unfussy would certainly work for a man’s card.

Busy day.  My desk was clean but now is a bit of a mess again, and having cleaned, and scoured the house for my little zippered folder of crochet hooks and not finding them, I have pretty much determined I will have to go buy some.  I really want to keep working on my colourful circles blanket, with an eye towards DDs birthday in October, but if I don’t get going on it again I’ll never finish!

Have a good one – sunny, but cool and breezy here.  Not warm not cold, just perfect. Blue skies, no rain…what could be better?



4 thoughts on “Card for a man – with that circle die

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  2. I’m not a man, but I love it too (old 70s commercial for a soap). But truly, I do love it : D. The circle border is just gorgeous!

  3. Perfect card for a man. Really like the circle die. who makes It?

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