WOYWW 266 – and floor too!


OMG.  My WOYWW desk (and floor) are a mess with die cut debris!



Ye gods and little fishes!  I really must sort this mess out!  You can just see one of the CD calendars I blogged about yesterday.  I love the Memory Box die (one of the few things I got at Newbury, when I met up with Helen and Janet – a treat to see them both) and you can see the Stampendous version of the Gelli plate there leaning up next to the Big Shot.  I loved how the border of the frame turned out, where I filled the circles with vellum.  It looks very pretty when the light shines thru.  But I wanted to have a go with plain paper.  I had already found that MOST (but not all) of the circles matched punches I had – no punch I own and neither of the smallest Nestie circles fit one of them but I still have a few QK dies that might work.


I just ran the die thru the Xyron and stuck the circles to the back.


A few snips of the scissors and ta dah!  I think it will be fab on a card of layout.


But all those BITS!  Hence the floor.

Have a happy WOYWW day, all – I’m out of sorts as DD is off for a residential camp trip with her school.  The house feels quite empty without her.  But I am getting quite a lot done so that’s good.  DH tells me she is keen to go to London this weekend to a big Anime/Cosplay show – I wonder if I can convince her and DH to make it Sunday so I can crop on Saturday…and will I run in to Miss Dunnit there?   Must ask Julia!


37 thoughts on “WOYWW 266 – and floor too!

  1. Also love your blog.. very stable on smart phone. Lots aren’t. 🙂

    • I think that is down to WordPress not me 🙂 but glad to hear that. I never read blogs on my phone, not even my own, so I had no idea how good (or bad!) it might look 🙂



  2. Wow
    Maryanne.. one good thing about running days late is you see more 🙂
    I love those memory box dies too but must admit done let them find the floor as I then have to clean it up.
    Am too lazy you see. 🙂 love your layout. Very clever.

    Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz x#13

  3. Looks like you’ve been busy, and as I’ve been reading back to front I know that circle die makes a fabulous card detail lol. Love that you have circle punches to match it. Your desk does look like you’ve been busy : ). Which to my mind is always a good thing! Happy belated WOYWW! #63

  4. Love what you have done with the circle die Mary Anne. Had the punches not worked, what you could have done is run the die through using your patterned paper and pieced them into the dark frame of circles(does this make sense?). May have been more fiddly and may have not worked for the project you have in mind. Love your work!

  5. Fabulous die cut boarder! Love how you used in a masculine card above too! Whew, I was going to say you’re jumping gun with the 2015 calendar on the desk. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #76 a bit late

  6. What a clever idea! Thank you for your visit. Karen #39

  7. Loving the bubble effect!!

    Have a great week.

    Ailsa #84

  8. Lovin that circle die. I agree – that will look great on a card. And your calendar says 2015 – how ahead of the game are you! April #74

  9. What a cool die, I love what you have done with it, but a bit messy. stampendous has a gelli plate now, that is interesting. Congrats on being no 1

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  10. Oh my! I recently passed on the bubble border and got the free floating bubbles instead. I can see the need for the matching border now. I’m loving that die cut in lay technique and it is really stunning with circles and vellum. Now about that mess… wowzah! Are you sure a hoard of gerbils didn’t stampede through your desk and leave that mess??!! Judy #77

  11. Looks like you’ve been having a good time! Love seeing all those little bits of paper! And your border die is fabulous! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #71

  12. Well it may be a bit of a mess but I bet you really had fun! It looks like a really great die! Chrisx

  13. Bits? I save them and use them as confetti- I even categorize them- white -for weddings, stars, metallic, etc.
    Now that I have a digital die cutter , I wonder if I will ever buy another metal die?
    thanks for the look around.
    Robyn 26

  14. Hee hee my floor often has lots of bits and debris mostly from corner punches!! It gets swept once a week that’s it. My powers of persuasion don’t run to it being done more often!! Lovely to see you here. Take care Zo xx 29

  15. Hi Mary Anne, wow, that circles die cut is gorgeous. You know that just dropped onto my wish list, don’t you? My floor was in need of a sweep this week( actually its been in need for at least a couple of weeks) so glad I went with laminate, and don’t have to get the vacuum out.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #19

  16. Oh, Mary Anne. You have no idea what a relief it is to find a mess on someone’s floor!!! I actually got the hoover out yesterday to my floor – well, we had visitors last evening, so felt obliged! – but that was the first time since…..I really don’t know when.
    That edge piece is gorgeous – a huge amount of fiddly work – but SO effective. Well done.
    Take care. god bless.
    Margaret #15

  17. Oh Mary Anne, I like that Memory box die, would make a lovely focal point for male card.
    well done.
    Chris #32

  18. What a clever use of your die. And I love your pen holder on your desk!

  19. Hmmmn! And I thought my desk was bad!
    Great idea on the circle cut. Anything that gets extra use out of the dies/punches ey!
    Enjoy your quiet time while it lasts!
    My lickle Being is great friends with Monkey, though you cannot see the behind my mess!

  20. Love that circle die cut. Very clever with the contrasting circles behind it. Here from WOYWW.
    Cathy #61

  21. Isn’t it funny how were always telling our kids to get out more…and when they go, we miss them like anything! I know what you mean about the house being quiet……t’aint natural!!
    I adore that circles thing you’ve done (the techy detail was lost on me, sorry)but the outcome is fab. I really love graphic style stuff far more than flowery shmowery stuff!!
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xxx

  22. I love the mess nearly as much as the creation and you have given me great ideas for all those circle punches I have so thanks for that.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #41

  23. Fabulous die and what is a little mess when creation is happening.

  24. Love this die and you have made a very pretty piece with it!
    Glenda #50

  25. That circle border is fabulous, what a great idea. The more mess you make the more creative you are so I love your mess!
    Have a great week and I hope to get to meet up with Julia.
    Von #18

  26. Hi Mary Anne
    I love your circles thingy and am dead envious of the mess on your floor. It just says to me you’ve been creating and having fun. My floor and desk tops are much to clean for my liking at present.
    Glad to hear you’re getting a lot done. Long may it continue!
    Gillian #49

  27. Oh that die is a lovely one – I would of course have passed it by, but I like what youve done with are the Great Extender when it comes to ideas for products, huh! Miss Dunnit is working Sat and Sunday this weekend, much to her chagrin. Oh well. And to be honest, Crop isn’t looking too likely..we might be at 3.5 by tomorrow, so I should go ahead and make whatever pans…after all if you haven’t seen M all week, a day out with her will be lovely!

  28. Love what you have done with the die cut and the circles! Quick sweep and the floor will be great!
    Jackie 10

  29. What a fabulous floor! I love it. Also the die arrangement, brilliant, I have not advanced much from embossing I am afraid x

  30. I have NO clue why, but this looks somehow familiar ….lol….
    Wonderful little piece of artwork!

  31. Oh, that’s so effective. Great buy!

  32. That is such a great idea to use your punches to fill in behind all the circles looks good and I’m sure a broom will fix up the floor 🙂 hugs Nikki 2

  33. I really like how you dressed up that die. It looks really great. #7

  34. Love what you have done with the circle die. BJ#9

  35. Love that die!! I agree, it will be great on cards and layouts… I needed a circle punch y/day and the one I have (had) right size is busted, ha ha! Hope you get to crop on Saturday. Helen, no number yet, awake far too early…

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