3×4 Project Life 2015 calendar (Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday – you choose!)


NOTE: I’ve added a version of the Su to Sa doily calendar that uses the same font as the 2016 one.  See it here.

I had high hopes that I would get these done AND the tutorial that I have planned for them (which is why there are two borders) but I kept dithering and dithering about how best to make things as clear as possible for you.  It took me till I was photographing the process when I just completely changed things around, as I saw a simple way to make it easier.  But that meant all the photos I already took weren’t showing what you will be seeing when you look at the prints.

I really hate to do this, but it is just not going to get done today so I will reveal all tomorrow.  I hope the printables will make up for it.

Let’s start with two printables – portrait style, 4 months to a page.  Note it has 2 borders.  The inner (gray) one is where you would cut if you were going to use it for a Project Life album, as a 3 x 4 card. The OUTER (black) one I’ll explain tomorrow.


Grab the PDF HERE for Sunday to Saturday calendars

And here is something new – I made a version with a MONDAY start to the week.  Personally I use Sunday to Saturday but people have mentioned it in the past and as I was on a roll, I figured I might as well.  Here is a sample and you can see a few more of the colour choices:


Grab the PDF HERE for Monday to Sunday calendars



21 thoughts on “3×4 Project Life 2015 calendar (Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday – you choose!)

  1. thanks so much : they are really nice !

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  3. These are fabulous! You do great work…thanks for creating these!

  4. These are wonderful. Love the look of the doilies. It is always so much easier to make calendars when you start early. 🙂

  5. Could you make the 2016 calendars also. I was making a gift and would love to have 2 years.

  6. did you have a video how to do these or are we suppose to print these out…? I printed some out but they have pencil markings at the month line…just wondering! I’ve been making calendars for years…

  7. I love your calendar projects…what was the font you used in the 2016 calendars…

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  10. ty for sharing..huggzz

  11. Thank you for this; I looked for an HOUR for this size. It’s perfect! I’ve added it to an existing calendar page in a stand. Great job!

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