The Crochet calendar frame

Bearing in mind I am not a crochet-pattern writer and that often I am sort of winging things, I’m going to try to explain how to make the crochet frame.

What you need:

  • piece of mat board – I wouldn’t suggest covering chipboard as the hook going thru the holes will probably “distress” it.  Mat board, in the colour of your choice, is going to give you a better finish
  • crochet hook – sorry, I simply cannot find my zippered folder of hooks.  The one I have that works is marked 0 but it is one I got from my great-grandmother and I have no idea what that translates to in current marking terms, US or UK.  Let’s just say it has to be small enough to fit thru the hole
  • yarn – although it isn’t really right for this small hook, the yarn I used was DK and sock yarn.
  • hole punch strong enough to punch the chipboard.  The smaller hole of a Cropadile is perfect
  • yarn needle

1.Rather than sending you back to the instructions for cutting the frame, I will tell you that mine measures 6 inches wide x 6 1/4 inches tall.  Measure in 3/4 inch from each side and cut the centre out.


2. On the reverse, draw a line 1/4 inch in from the top and two sides.  I didn’t want the bottom edge to have the crocheted edging (I’m making some flowers to add to it) but you can carry on all around if you prefer.


3. Mark every 1/4 inch all around the edge.  If you match mine, that will give you 22 holes to the first corner, 23 holes across the top (including both corners) and 22 holes down the other side.  Mine stop short of the bottom edge.


Now I think you can appreciate that it is impossible to take a photo of crochet yourself.  But the first “row” is accomplished by holding the frame with the back facing you, holding the yarn as normal, behind the frame.

also bear in mind I may live in the UK but I am American.  I crochet American.  If you crochet UK:

  • US Single crochet = UK double crochet
  • UK Double crochet = UK treble
  • I think a chain is a chain either side of the pond!

Row 1

For the FIRST hole ONLY: Insert the hook, and pull up a loop thru the hole.    Catch the yarn AND THE TAIL behind the frame OVER THE TOP edge of the frame and pull thru the loop on the hook. Drop the tail. Chain 1. That just secures the tail a little till you can weave it in at the end.

For the next and all further stitches, insert the hook thru the hole, yarn over and pull up a loop thru the hole, yarn over (two loops on the hook)and pull thru both loops on the hook. 21 stitches will take you to the corner hole.

Yarn over, pull thru a loop then pull thru both loops on the hook 3 times in the corner

Repeat the basic stitch across to the next corner (21 stitches) then yarn over, pull thru a loop then pull thru both loops on the hook 3 times in the corner

Repeat the basic stitch down the other edge.  (22 stitches)

Row 2

Turning the frame over so the coloured front is facing, single crochet in each stitch to the corner (23), 2 sc, single crochet to the next corner (23), 2 sc, then sc to the last hole (23)

Row 3

I joined a new colour but you can carry on with the same one.

Double crochet in the first stitch. Skip 2. 5 DC in the next stitch, skip 2.  Repeat the the first corner (7 shells)

7 dc in the corner. Skip 2. 5 dc skip 2 to the next corner.  (7 shells)

Hope I got that count right – it’s a basic shell stitch/scallop but I’m sure there are other clusters-type edgings that can be made to fit.

7 dc in the corner. Skip 2. 5 dc skip 2 to the next corner.  (7 shells) Double crochet in the final stitch.

Weave in the ends.

To fill those gaping holes that need to be there for the hook to fit thru, thread your yarn needle with a matching, or contrasting, yarn and do a straight stitch thru each hole.  When you get to the end, go back the other direction


I used a double strand, to really fill in the holes. I think you could use thin ribbon or cord instead, for a different look.

when DH gets home I may see if he would take a few photos to help you see it more clearly, but I’m guessing if you do crochet to begin with this will make sense – and if you DON’T this is probably not the project that is going to get you to take up hooking… {wink}

Have fun – and if you do make one, be sure to share it with me via a link in your comment or by emailing me a photo – pretty please?  I would love to see it.  and if you DO send a photo, LMK if it is OK for me to share it on my blog.