And you thought I was kidding…

Other ATC display posts: Easy Landscape orientation version, more complicated Portrait version

Hand on heart, I promise I didn’t manipulate time at all – I started this after I posted  the first one today, and in between then and now, I finished it.  Included in the time was a second cup of coffee, getting the family off for the day, and a few household tasks.

It is as simple as the landscape one and uses less in the way of supplies.

What you need:

  • 3 baseball card sleeves
  • 1 sheet of A4 or US letter cardstock
  • thin double-sided adhesive (and other large area adhesive)
  • washi tape
  • 2 large eyelets
  • cord/twine/ribbon for hanging

1. Carefully trim away the ring-binder hole strip from the sides of the sleeves.  Don’t trim too close – you don’t want to compromise the pockets!


2. Add a line of thin double-sided adhesive to the top and bottom edge of two sleeves and just the top edge of the last one.


3. Cut two 1 1/4 inch strips from your cardstock, across the width.


4. Join the first sleeve to the second by sticking the BOTTOM line of adhesive on the first sleeve to the top edge of the cardstock strip then joining the TOP line of adhesive on the next sleeve to the bottom edge of the same cardstock strip.


Join the third sleeve to the second sleeve n the same way.

5. Fill the gap between the two with washi tape to decorate (or ribbon, or patterned paper, or leave it plain!)

6. Take the leftover piece of cardstock. It will depend on what size card you started with as to your score line.  Find the middle and score 1/2 inch left or right of that, doesn’t matter which – you just want one side bigger than the other


7. Stick the top line of adhesive on the first sleeve to the bottom edge of the back piece of your folded cardstock, making sure the FRONT piece does not overlap the slit for inserting your ATCs


8. Punch holes and insert eyelets in the tip two corners of the cardstock topper and add cord/twine/ribbon as a hanger.

Decorate and DONE!

I streamlined the decorating by just using some punch out letters, a few buttons, a big flower and a strip of the same washi tape that covers the gaps between the sleeves.  Took no time at all.


I have no more ATCs to display!  These are just bits I had cut from Gelli prints or other things that I was saving for ATC backgrounds.  See the join in this close up?  Not as polished as the full-frame version but it uses so little in the way of supplies and take so little time, that is a compromise I can live with LOL!


I’ll maybe try to get some actual GOOD photos of these, if I can find a place that works, and links to all three posts to each one, just to make finding them all easy.

Now, I’ve promised an update of one of my calendars (from 2013) for 2015 and I am off to the Newbury Stamp show tomorrow, so I’d better get cracking!


Landscape ATC hanging display – SO simple

Other ATC display posts: Easy Portrait orientation versionmore complicated Portrait version

Well, lest you think I am being facetious, know this – I DO know the actual meaning of the word LITERALLY and I am NOT exaggerating when I say this took me literally no more than 15 minutes to make (the basic design – of course the decorating took a little longer, cause I faff about with that sort of thing.)

It also made me think that it might be possible to cut down on the complexity of the Portrait-style one by omitting the side bars.  Although I do LIKE the frame around it, the bare-bones Landscape version does perhaps focus your eye on the ATCs.  I am pretty sure I know what needs to be done (and as a side benefit I suspect that 12×12 cardstock is going to work just fine) so may do a second post later with the info on that.  But if you look at this as well as the last post, I’m betting you won’t need that.

What you need:

  • 3 baseball card sleeves
  • 1 sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock
  • washi tape (ribbon could work)
  • double-sided adhesive (1/2 inch)
  • 2 inch wide packing tape
  • 2 large eyelets and cord/twine/ribbon to hang

Start your timer!  You could almost make this as fast as you can read it!

1. Lay two of the sleeves horizontal, with the front slit (where you slid in the ATCs) face DOWN.  The ring binder hole strip should be at the top. I added that little strip of washi tape to the front, like I did for the portrait version but not sure even scatterbrained me needed it.

Butt the edge of the hole strip of the second sleeve right up to the edge of the first one.


The cardstock is there, but only to highlight the area I am speaking about.

2. Join the two with the packing tape.  Try to centre the join in the packing tape  strip.


3.  Cover the ring binder hole strip with the washi tape.  Standard sized washi tape should cover it perfectly without covering any of the display area.



4. Repeat with the third sleeve, adding it to the two joined sleeves.

5. Trim the 12 x 12 cardstock to 10 x 12 and score at 5 inches.  Fold and crease.


6. Add double-sided adhesive to one side of the ring binder hole strip and carefully stick one edge of the cardstock.


Make sure the edges of the cardstock don’t overlap the sleeve at all, but cover ONLY the ring binder strip.


Add more adhesive inside, and double-sided adhesive to the reverse of the ring binder strip then sandwich the strip within the cardstock



7. Add a large eyelets in each of the top corners and thread thru ribbon/twine/cord to create a hanger

Decorate and DONE.



It actually works perfectly, three horizontal sleeves match two vertical sleeves length-wise.


Those are hanging on the wall, in a not-very-well-lit corner, but you can see they are almost the same length.  Likewise, three  vertical sleeves would match (nearly) four horizontal ones (if that kind of thing matters to you LOL!)

See what I mean?  So simple.  Now I have to go BACK to the other one and try making a no-frame version and see how I like it. And I have yet another idea to try.  If it works. I’ll share.

I will then have more display sleeves than I have ATCs LOL!