WOYWW 265 – cameras galore

Happy WOYWW, y’all! DH is working on a app – not HIS, he’s just one of the programmers.  It turns your mobile device into a security camera.  Nifty. I only mention it to explain the odd assortment of stuff on my desk. a load of little camera lens doodahs that attach to a mobile phone/device WOYWW265He ordered a selection of camera phone lens combos to see how they work when attached to phone-as-security cameras – for all of them,  it was under $60, unless he’s low-balling it so I didn’t freak out when the package arrived.  That is the normal shot taken with my Fuji.  Here is the shot taken with one of the three iPhone clip on lenses – this is the wide angle lens: WOYWW265camerawide I have to say they are pretty cool. The one I have appropriated to play with attaches over the corner of the phone, and flips so you can access all of the lenses: WOYWW265camera3 The only problem is the case needs to come off first.  Here are a few random shots so you can see the effect.  I’ll try to group them so you don’t have to scroll thru.  These are with the MACRO lens:

Not sure if you can tell but that black bit in the last photo? That is a bug that was the size of a pin head on the flower! The middle one is a macro shot of one of the small photos on the back of one of the boxes – another camera, this one clips on, and works for lots of phones, not just the iPhone.  Also, no need to remove the case. It is REALLY hard to hold the phone completely steady to get a crystal clear macro shot.  They don’t call me Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand for nothing….

The Fisheye lens amuses me

The centre photo is a normal shot of the roses – the first MACRO shot above is of the centre, and you can see the fisheye one there to the left. And of course my desk – LOL! Fisheye doesn’t make it look any better.

The last one is a telephoto lens.  Not sure I would use that one, to be honest.  You first have to attach a special case, then the lens screws in to that, then the tripod screws in to THAT.  Believe me, you NEED the tripod, cause it is impossible to hold it steady. The legs of the tripod extend but it’s still only about 6 inches. WOYWW265camera4 I took this shot across the driveway out the window.  You can see it’s a little blurry. But interesting, I guess. WOYWW265cameratele The colour is one of the options in PhotoHDR (sandblast, I think) and the whole thing makes me slightly queasy – it’s almost a visual whirlpool.  That might be because the app takes two photos and merges them.  I’ll have to find something farther distant to take a photo of, and something where I can use the tripod.  Watch this space….

You’ll have to pop back to yesterdays post to see the Gelli print/Photo cube there on the desk.  I wonder if the video will re-appear?  Yep, it came back.  Phew.  If not, I hope my SBSs will be enough to help you make one if you fancy one – it’s way easier than it looks.  Dare I mention the C word?  No, not THAT one, Christmas!!

That’s it for me – let the desk hopping commence…