Just Two Words printables for Project Life


I usually try to make some printables each week but got so wrapped up in my mini-album (and weekend crop) that I let it slide.  So here is a set I was messing about with.  Just two words – I have a bunch of these in a file, always planned to do something with them and just never got around to it. Now I have. Simple but fairly colourful, with big paint-y splodges of colour: 2words Just a single page PDF, but I have at least enough for another page of them if these prove popular – and might do them with no words, although not sure they would work for journaling.  They print pretty bold.  You could add a small photo to cover the words and use them as a sort of photo mat, I suppose, although I haven’t tried it. 2wordprints You can see the layers of colour better here, I think: 2wordprints2 Have fun with them!

11 thoughts on “Just Two Words printables for Project Life

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  2. Thank you! I love the journaling cards and the paint splats are really nifty and up to the minute. I really like the way you’ve addressed sentiments to the “splats”, it imparts a classic character to them that is missing in the usual plain paint splats. Also, what I truly enjoy the most is your write-ups on your BlogSpot. Your non-fussy, down-to-earth approach to life can make me smile on my worst day. Thanks again

  3. Love these. The spashes are awesome. Thank you.

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  5. These are awesome–thanks!

  6. wow! these are so cool…thx

  7. Very nice, splotches are all in now and such pretty volors.TFS

  8. These are a great idea and could be useful for all sorts of projects, thanks for sharing them and happy crafting, Angela x

  9. Love the look of these. Is the pdf available to print? When I click the white background page it comes up as a jpg. Just checking.

    • Humm – not sure what happened there. I did make the words a link but somehow it got lost. I lost my connection while I was creating it so maybe that change didn’t take and I posted the last saved draft! I’ve sorted it now, so you can download by clicking the link.


      Mary Anne

  10. I love these. All your PL Printables are clever and useful. The color splashes on these appeal to me very much. TFS

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