Moving on…and a new mini-album

I am happy with the final version of the mini-book, with input on the real-life viewing at my crop so I am calling this DONE done.


I promise you won’t have to look at it any more!

I got totally sidetracked by some origami “corners” – what a palaver!  Someone on a bookmaking group I am part of posted a photo of a photo cube held together by these corners.  Good lord they were hard to track down!  I started with the photo, Googled it to death till I found instructions, then saw someone in the book group had posted a link to an old HGTV tutorial.  I remembered it as soon as I saw the photo, having looked at in waaaaay back and been annoyed at the poor quality of the instructions.  Found a couple of references to videos for that project, but they seem to have been removed.  I went BACK to the instructions, which comes up in a preview on Google Books but only page two of the instructions. Finally figured it out and ….


OK so you might comment that my folding is not the best – although I would argue that my folding is actually OK but the stupid wonky trimmers I own can’t cut a perfect square so I am starting with a flaw and it can only ever get worse from there. The point is I eventually figured out what those tiny photos actually told me to do and had success in the end.

And at the crop I got about 80% thru another mini-album idea I had.  DD is always rolling her eyes and making out like she is really unhappy that DS is coming home.  I don’t for one minute believe she really feels that way.  But given her issues, I though making a simple mini book where I can add tags or journaling blocks with HER words about her brother, in HER handwriting, might serve as a nice reminder.  I decided to use ALL of the mostly not very good photos from the few I snapped before he left.  There were a LOT of good photos of him and lots of not very good photos of DD.  But that isn’t the point – although it MIGHT convince her to stop mugging for the camera and actually smile nicely a little more often. It’s built on “pages” cut from an old pizza box (scrap supplies, not one that ever had pizza in it!) and is nice and chunky – probably bind with book rings.


Using what is left of a WRMK paper pad (Nonsense) I kept the pages simple and the photos big.  The whole thing should fit in a smaller sized pizza box, which is good, cause the name I began with was Brother in a Box.






I have one more photo of the two of them that I missed printing somehow (or I think I do!) and will try to get DD to write our some thoughts n the photos to add and complete.  It may not work to reminder her how much she really does love having DS around, but it’s worth a go!

Have a great Sunday!