You must be sick of seeing this….


…but I thought it might crystallize it in my mind and as you have been so helpful with your opinions I figure it’s only fair to share.

I worked thru a number of options for the colour of the photo.  The blue was felt by many to be too cold.  I do like it, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t a difficult thing to try a few more options.  Seeing them all side-by-side I thought might help me really SEE which one I preferred.


What that shows is (clockwise from the top left) standard sepia in PSE, antique effect in iPhoto, standard B&W in PSE, and Sepia effect in iPhoto.

Now, the antique version matches most closely the tone of the Tim Holtz papers, the pumice stone option rather than the blue.


It could be slightly warmer but overall it is my favourite, I think.

The B&W version is OK too, although I think it has less definition – the Convert to B&W in PSE is a but of a sledgehammer, IYKWIM.  I think you see that most clearly in the folds and creases of GFs jacket.


And the other two sepia versions are overall maybe too warm. But not the iPhoto sepia holds the same definition


and the PSE sepia is less so:


I still like all the words, but then I like text and think more is better 99% of the time LOL! But I’ve a lot of time invested in this mini and I am not willing to rush the decision just to have it done.  I may take it with me to my crop tomorrow and see what people think seeing it IRL, but I am pretty sure it will be DONE done by Monday.

Cheers to all who voted and commented, either here or on PollDaddy – while I am never one to do something just because other people like it, I am certainly not so dim that I can’t agree to look at suggestions and see if they really are an improvement.  A few people did say that, at the end of the day, it’s MY book and I need only please myself, but it is helpful to know WHY they suggest a different version, then to see it in action.  So thanks for that.  I promise I WILL move on from this…soon….




6 thoughts on “You must be sick of seeing this….

  1. Nice and I agree with the first comment about sanding the edges of the photo. I have done this on many of mine and also drawn a border in permanent marker.

    Decisions, decisions!!

  2. Brilliant! I think that’s the perfect choice, just a touch of a warm hue to it, love it!

  3. I think the antique version is lovely and complements the rest of the front cover the best IMO!

  4. I think the antique version goes best with the colors on the front of the book, just my opinion 🙂 Which ever one you choose I’m sure your son is going to love it!

  5. I like the top right one (iphoto) on my computer it looks best because the people seem to stand out more and yet not stark.

  6. Hi Maryanne,

    In all honesty I have been waiting for this update. I do love the B & W one the most but I would sand the edges of the photo, try it on another photo first to see if you like it. I give it a border and helps the picture to pop, if you sand a little it gives a blending effect if you sand a lot then it give the border. when sanding photos do it against the edge of a bench or table and turn the photo to the edge you are sanding it helps get a better edge and cleaner effect. Now looking forward to seeing what you decide.

    Hugs Eliza

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