Help me decide!


I did finish the cover of the mini, sort of.  I finished it three times!  Not really – but I did play around with three options and can’t make up my mind which I like better.  It’s been a while since I did a poll so I thought this might be a good way to collect some info about what fresh eyes think looks better.

To begin with, I took the photo and altered it in Photoshop Elements.  It was pretty much two simple clicks and a few sliders.  First I did Enhance > Convert to Black and White


Then I clicked Enhance > Adjust Color> Color Variations and Increase Blue to the highlights. Wish I had played around more with the GREEN to get it slightly more of a turquoise shade, but then it might have blended into the background a little too much.


Options One Although I do use a few circle elements, I’m just not sure that this many dots work.  Some times I like it, some times I just think for it to work I would have to go back and add circles to every page to tie it all together:


Options Two I originally thought The 3 STAGES of Jack but then I thought playing on The Three Ages of Man (painting, by Titian, actually in the Scottish Gallery, so that is another tie-in, since DS is living in Scotland at the moment) worked better so went with that.  But space was tight, and really I should have decided first then stuck stuff down, but…


Option Three I like spelling numbers out, but then I thought that the number might be best.  The die I used didn’t have numbers on it so I opted to trim the lower-case m to make something a bit like a 3.


Letters a bit wonky cause none of them are stuck down…yet.

So what do you think?

Just a day to reply, so I’m not expecting many but I would be interested in your opinion.  Cheers!

12 thoughts on “Help me decide!

  1. I like just jack. Remove some of the dots.

  2. No 1 with a matted black n white or tones of grey for the pic. Anyway you chose it’ll be fab!

  3. Hi Mary Anne, loving the dots, personally. I think it lets the picture stand out really well. And I think the blue tones in the image work really well with the background :). Have a great week, look forward to seeing which way you choose to go. Hugs, Shaz #35 xx

  4. I prefer #3 because the title gives it a bit more definition than the #1. I kinda feel the blue tone photo is a bit overwhelming on the tone-on-tone page. Sepia photo will look pretty sitting in and coordinate with the rest of the photos inside the mini album.

  5. Great work you are doing. I like option one the best. The other two get too messy to me. Might be because the letters are rather big. Too big to my taste.. Lol. But as one above said : it’s what YOU like that matters. Another one suggested sepia… I agree on that. It would soften it all.
    Sending hugs and good luck on the decision. From SPAIN

  6. I liked the first one because it gave it a bit of depth which helped. I really think a sepia or black and white would be better too. I would also mat the whole photo. Regardless it is what you like that matters, we are just putting across options as extras. I hope you work it all out soon.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  7. As a retired photographer and not retired graphic designer I will believe the first (black and white) will be best for this kind – If you choose the blue you need to fade the blue tone a lot so it just seen a little on the black and white 🙂 – Photoshop is a great graphic program 😉

  8. I like no. 2, big, bold and great!

  9. I like the dots no.1, but honestly I find the picture of the two of you in blue a bit cold, but this is just my opinion. I would “warm up” the color tones a little bit. But the whole album cover is gorgeous!

  10. I like ‘Jack’

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