2015 calendar Printables

I’ve been dithering over adding these – for a start, I worry they are too busy.  I know people tend to like colourful printables but I usually do my calendars with a lot of whites space, cause I like them like that.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and made this set them just kept holding them back.  Also, it IS pretty early in the year – come December/January, I imagine people will have forgotten all about them.  But what the heck…

They are usable for PL books, obviously, but would also work as CD calendars mounted on a bigger piece of cardstock.  You can find many other ways to make them work, including printing them two to a page. That will give you blocks that measure just shy of 3 x just shy of 2 1/4.  They could then be used to make tear-off calendars.  Perhaps a little ink-intensive but you can decide if it’s worth it!

It’s a three page PDF .

I always print them, because I can find errors more easily in print than I can on the screen.  Still, I do always have a fear that I will have made some stupid, unnoticed mistake, get the dates wrong somehow, and still miss it.  {sigh}


There are the 12 months then there are three blocks with slightly smaller chevrons, in three not-used colours, that you can use for journaling or filler cards if you like


And a screen shot so you can see all the colours:


You should be able to click and see it slightly bigger. Maybe – it doesn’t work in the preview but may when it’s live. 


Hope you find them useful.