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Film Leader printables for Project Life

I had a day off yesterday – I really should have finished up the mini-album, and will hope to sort the final section today, but the sunshine called to me.  No, not for anything fun, just a good day for hanging out laundry.

But I have these printables lurking in my unfinished object (UFO) folder so I though I would make some decisions and finish them to add.  I am ever mindful that printables that consume a lot of ink aren’t always economical, so for the larger 4 x 6 version, where my idea for use was to add a photo to them, I’ve made a white box in the middle.  The photo, when added, will hide that nicely.  You could instead use the blank area for journaling, either by adding some drawn lines for writing, printing journaling within the blank area, or even stamping with a journaling stamp.  You could add grid paper over it, or a strip of black or coloured cardstock and maybe two small square photos side-by-side, or size them to fit and to leave the white border.


For the small 3 x 4 cards, you can scatter them across the page with sequential photos, as a countdown.

Just a 2-page PDF for you.  Hope you find them useful. Hope you are enjoying as lovely a day as I am – warm, sunny, breezy and clear.  Summer.