Second Section done!

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Slow going – party because I seem to have misplaced the triangle die somewhere on my desk.  DOH!  It’s at best stuck to something, at worst in the rubbish that got collected yesterday.  Double DOH!

Anyway, here is my progress – just the final section to complete then the cover!

Such a silly photo – I remember scrapping this one, early on, with the title Pasta Man.


Having to be careful with the placement of the text, to make sure the number works out for the last section.  A photo only section or two sorts it nicely.


And I thought the hammock was string-like enough for this bit!


just had to work with the bits of leftover border I had already cut.  At this point I think I have totally used every scrap.  But I have a solution…


I used my pinking shears to get the same, if smaller, effect.


Now I have to decide – I had already printed and sized a number of photos, before I began, when my design plan was different.  Shall I carry on with the smaller photos or size and print more?  I’ll play around with it and decide today…

Finish it either today or tomorrow, as I have a scrappy friend coming for lunch today and that is usually good for a couple of hours of chit chat, which eats into my crafty time, but is well worth it!


One thought on “Second Section done!

  1. Hi Maryanne,

    Gosh you are really flying through that album and such a wonderful creation that is growing in leaps and bounds. Hope you have a wonderful crafting week.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 85
    Belated WOYWW Greetings.

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