WOYWW262 – or is it 263?


Given Julia was unwell last week and the post never appeared, is this REALLY WOYWW 263 or is it still 262?  Who cares?  The important thing is Julia is on the mend!

I have printed some photos from iPhoto and amassed a collection of unscrapped old (and often not very good) photos for my Short History of DS – or maybe Stages of DS or maybe Ages of DS…not decided yet.


My desk, which was actually clear and very tidy when I started this yesterday morning is back in a state.  Oh well.  You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs and you can’t create without creating a mess!  Or *I* can’t, anyway.  LOL!


Maybe it’ll get tidied before I carry on, not sure.

Have a most excellent WOYWW day!



23 thoughts on “WOYWW262 – or is it 263?

  1. I can relate to a messy desk. My WHOLE craft room is a nightmare. 🙂
    April #86

  2. I already visited you but I see you didn’t get my comment, this has happened to be a few times lately internet is playing up. Great desk what are you going to operate on or should I say who with all those instruments he he. The book is looking great, I am about the check out the latest up date

  3. Love your busy desk! The book is brilliant – had a look before I came here! Such a fantastic record! Chris 47

  4. I sure can’t create without making a mess, but I can’t tidy up without starting a new project because I’ve unearthed something I forgot about lol. The album is just chock full of possibilities. Happy WOYWW! #51

  5. Great looking desk, all the best creations involve chaos. #78

  6. Who’s counting?
    If you can’t make a mess you can’t make anything!
    I feel right at home here.

  7. Hi Mary-Anne

    Your philosophy of tidyuntidy desks is spot on – and at least it’s become a mess because of creativity, not just because it’s easier to dump stuff on like mine is sometimes lol…

    Happy WOYWW
    big hugs
    Paula (#38) xxx

  8. Yep, mess made here too.’ Have a most excellent WOYWW’ made me think instantly of Bill & Ted, :). There are some lovely photos of your son there, look forward to seeing the finished book. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #30 xx

  9. I think most of us make a mess. I know I definitely do!!! LOL. Brigita #60

  10. Oooh, I am liking that little book–what a fun design! Happy woyww to you, Mary Anne–I think I’m #66 . . .

  11. Knowing you, that album of your son is going to be amazing! You’re quite self deprecating, aren’t you and yet you create the most gorgeous things…crochet, quilts without any big drama. I like your style 🙂
    Diana Taylor suggested that we ask for more colours at Hobbycraft in that WI wool…s’pose we could, eh??
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

  12. Oooh, that’s a proper crafty desk! That mini-book looks fabulous, I hope you will share photos of the finished project!

  13. Hi Mary Anne, it certainly looks as though you are ready for action.
    I think it is 263 and I believe that Julia will be pleased that we went ahead and did 262 on her behalf.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  14. Love the photo of the book you took from above. Gives a goo view of the pages. Hope you get around to sharing photos of it when completed.

  15. You always have to create mess to create art. It’s all looking very interesting.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #39

  16. Take heart, Mary Anne. My hubby reckons I could live in a place as big as Buckingham Palace and not manage to keep tidy…
    Great desk shot!
    Have fun with the album.
    Margaret #8

  17. ah Maryanne am so with you on the not being able to create without making a mess … great desk I think!! happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #31

  18. Hi Mary Anne….wow I love your mini album (checked out your last post), interesting with the extra fold out pages and how you bound it. A hint: I have bought up cheaply from the picture framing business some of the Thick card they use for matting in their frames – with beveled edges, the bits from the centers, to use as covers. Anyway happy WOYWW and have a great week RobynO#21

  19. busy looking desk and I love that blue card. I think it is 263 but…I think any number would work…have a great week. Vickie #19

  20. Yes I’m a messy crafter too. Tho my desk this week is fairly neat. Has to be when I’m working on embellies with ink n paint n files and pliers. 🙂 Love the sewn pages of your album. Are they called signatures? Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #12

  21. Well really it’s 263 cos the missing one last week was 262, lol…..whatever you do with the book it will look gorgeous… can’t wait to see! Helen 11

  22. Hi Mary Anne! what’s DS? Sorry if you blogged about it before- I have a really **** memory!!! I’m the same as you- can’t create without a mess! And unfortunately cleaning up is a waste of time to me! ha ha ha! patsy

  23. Look at all those toys on your desk looks like your building something for sure. I also have one of those mini hammers they are great hugs Nikki 6

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