WOYWW262 – or is it 263?

Given Julia was unwell last week and the post never appeared, is this REALLY WOYWW 263 or is it still 262?  Who cares?  The important thing is Julia is on the mend!

I have printed some photos from iPhoto and amassed a collection of unscrapped old (and often not very good) photos for my Short History of DS – or maybe Stages of DS or maybe Ages of DS…not decided yet.


My desk, which was actually clear and very tidy when I started this yesterday morning is back in a state.  Oh well.  You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs and you can’t create without creating a mess!  Or *I* can’t, anyway.  LOL!


Maybe it’ll get tidied before I carry on, not sure.

Have a most excellent WOYWW day!