Pop Box card #2 and random babbling


I have a birthday that needs a card next month and as I was making cards for DS anyway I thought I might as well make that one.  Same style, different look:


Partially, the design was informed by some thick-cut dies a mate of mine from UKS sent.  She wanted to clear out, and gifted them to me, although I am maintaining they are only on loan. It was a lot, for a freebie. And much appreciated.


I also finally (weeks and weeks later) got the little tips for the top of the bottles I ordered (from China) for my homemade alcohol inks.  Bizarrely they sent not ALL of the tips, the ones needed to complete the order.  I got 24 of the 30 I should have had.  No, they also sent another full set of bottles and lids!  Not sure I need 30 bottles without eye-drop tips in them , and I hated to contact them AGAIN to say they didn’t send me all the tips from my original order for fear they would send me YET ANOTHER nearly complete order.  Any additional tips they send, great, but if I get 30 MORE bottles as well I’ll go insane.  They only cost £2 but my goodness the annoyance level created cost me well more than that LOL!


Now DS is gone I have to do the clean-up after the storm that is him.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the kid like mad, but his idea of “Yep, cleaned my room” and MY idea of a “clean room” are two different things.  And given DH uses that room as a home office, it really needs addressing.  Plus I promised I would sort it.

I did manage to snap a shot or two as we loaded the car to take him to the airport….

Time flies, doesn’t it??

Way back:


That was then:


This is now:




I feel a scrapbook layout coming on. It’s been too long….


3 thoughts on “Pop Box card #2 and random babbling

  1. I often read, but don’t always comment MA – lovely to see the series of photos of the two kids – definitely layout fodder!

  2. How lovely to see them so grown up! I remember your layouts in Scrapbook Inspirations when they were both young. Just wanted to add too, that I enjoy your daily emails. I like the way you experiment and work through, sharing your progress with everyone. I might not ever attempt some of the things you do, but if i ever decide to in the future, I know where to come! Debra x

    • Well that was very sweet! I appreciate hearing that you like my posts – I do sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads them 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know YOU do! And SI – wow. Such a blast from the past there too. I still have virtually all of the back issues and it’s fun to go back and look at them. I always find something I’d forgotten, some layout I hadn’t thought about in YEARS.

      I may have to drag a few issues off the shelf tomorrow – maybe they will still offer some “inspiration!” 🙂


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